Troubador Beryl and Her Broomcycle

Released: 28/10/2020

ISBN: 9781800460782

Format: Paperback

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Beryl and Her Broomcycle


This is a tale of a very old witch who lives on the Island of Guernsey having moved from Oxford. People find her rather terrifying to look at, though she is actually a wonderful person.

She lives with her stubborn and rude friend Ivan the Donkey, and spends her Friday nights in a magical stone circle with the ‘Pouques’ the Island’s version of a fairy, though don’t ever let them hear you refer to them as that as they don’t take it kindly.

Beryl’s favourite day of the year naturally is Halloween, however no-one is ever brave enough to visit old Beryl’s house, until one year Molly arrives and makes Beryl’s acquaintance.

After one Friday night with the ‘Pouques’ and some mischief involving ‘borrowing’ a tractor Beryl finds herself flung off her Broom in a storm and her leg injured, she will never be able to walk properly again let alone fly and her Broom Licence is revoked.

On Beryl’s road to recovery she is keen to still venture out so tries riding Ivan the Donkey, however when the slowest police chase ever ensues, disappointed she realises she is stuck for options to be mobile, until Molly comes up with a not quite legal way to get her up on her Broom again.

The Broomcycle is born and when Beryl realises that Molly may have some magic of her own they go on a trip to Oxford, where Beryl ends up in a spot of bother and Molly has to gather Beryl’s friends to come up with a plan.

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