Troubador Bertie's Bonkers Book

Released: 28/02/2018

ISBN: 9781788037952

Format: Paperback

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Bertie's Bonkers Book


A collection of silly poems for kids and parents of all ages! 
A beautifully illustrated book, featuring silly rhymes and improbable subjects. 
A great recipe for a bed time read that will be read over and over again.  

Bertie’s Bonkers Book is a fun collection of silly poems that will amuse children and parents alike at bedtime. The book is full of detailed illustrations to enrich the reading experience which will keep children engaged throughout.

Drawing on the author’s years of bedtime reading to his own children and his sense of the ridiculous, these poems will entertain and amuse. The poems can be read over and over again, and are suitable for children aged five and over. 

 “A young bee was sitting on a flower one day  
when a bright coloured wasp flew her way. 
“Oh, he’s so handsome” was all she could say 
 and she couldn’t stop talking about him all day...”

inspired by reading bedtime stories to his own two little girls, Bertie's Bonkers book is full off silly situations , absurd stories and is beautifully illustrated by Kate Arnold which adds a fantastic visual dimension and brings the stories to life making a great experience for parent and child alike

This is a hilariously funny and fabulously illustrated little book of bonkers poems. A must read for both children and adults. I am on the wrong side of 75 and I loved every one. My grandchildren really adore it. Mike has the gift of seeing humour in every situation. I highly recommend it for some uplifting giggles!

by angela pogson

Mike Barratt

mike grew up one of 4 children and has worked in the toy industry most of his life which means that kids and humour are always part of his life.never one to take life seriously, Mike is constantly looking for the absurd and lighter side of situations and has used his observations in after dinner speaking and everyday life to lighten the mood!

mike barratt
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