Troubador Ben and the Spider Lake

Released: 31/05/2019

eISBN: 9781838599584

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Ben and the Spider Lake


When Ben arrives home from his holidays near the Dark Mountains, he finds out that the lane at the back of his garden is going to be dug up. He’s worried because he knows that the spiders who live under the lane will lose their home and could even be hurt. He has to find Lox, the guardian of the Spider Gate to tell him what’s going to happen. Ben and his best friend Jess try desperately to think of somewhere that the spiders could live but they only have four weeks before the workmen arrive. 

Can they find a safe home for the spiders? If they do, how will they move them? Is there anyone who could help? Maybe Gran has some ideas.

N T (Reviewer)
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

What a lovely book The Captain's Favourite Treasure by Angela Fish is. Beautiful illustrations throughout the book - a must for any child who loves a good pirate story with an adventure to a pirate island. He meets Dolphins, Fire tigers, Monkeys, Fish and many more animals. Tom then visits the Rainbow Island then the Christmas Island and many more Islands looking for Captain Crank's favourite treasure.
This story was very thoughtful, and Tom could be a boy or girl pirate who is having an adventure looking for treasure and visiting Islands.

The Captain's Favourite Treasure by Angela Fish is very colourful and I loved it. Great book for any child and would be great for the pre-school going up to the classroom and this will be used for my classes. I can see a project coming out of this story and some role play with my students.
Wonderful Book.

A D (Educator)
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Adorable children's book! I liked each fantasy island he searched. The illustrations were great. It taught a great lesson about "treasure"

J L (Reviewer)
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
My kids and I all loved this book. There was enough going on in the illustrations to hold their attention the whole way through, and we all loved the ending. Great for early readers too.

S M (Reviewer)
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Cute story about a pirate boy named Tom who goes searching for the Captain's favourite treasure. Cute illustrations and the story has a nice flow to it.

[From Troubador's review section]
This is a very good title for early readers. The repetition used will help them anticipate words and build confidence in their reading skills, and the final discovery of the Captain's Treasure and the things we value provides a good lesson.

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Angela Fish

Angela Fish is a writer who specialises in intergenerational communication, women's writing and Welsh Writing in English. She gained her M Phil in Literature at the University of Glamorgan in 1995, and also established and directed the Wales Centre for Intergenerational Practice, based at the university. She worked with local schools and communities, over a period of ten years, to improve communication between the generations. Her writing has appeared in New Welsh Review (now New Welsh Reader), Writers' Forum, Bulletin of the Welsh Academy, The Newsletter of the National Language Unit for Wales, Book News from Wales, and include non-fiction, and poetry. She also wrote a Study Guide for secondary school pupils, published by the University of Glamorgan, which focused on the work of welsh writers and war. One of her poems won second prize in Writers' Forum poetry competition, and another was highly commended. A short story was runner-up for a Women's Weekly competition.

Angela's first book for children was Ben and the Spider Gate (The Book Guild, 2015); the second was Ben and the Spider Prince (The Book Guild, 2016), and the third in the series is Ben and the Spider Lake (The Book Guild, 2016). The themes of all three have been influenced by Angela's intergenerational work, her love of the environment and the natural world, and a fascination with mythology and magic. In 2016, she was invited to give a live interview on the Roy Noble Show, on BBC Radio Wales, and several articles about her work have appeared in local newspapers. Her latest publication is The Captain's Favourite Treasure (Matador, 2018).

From 2010 to 2016, Angela belonged to a writer's group and began to experiment with writing different genres, often in response to specific stimuli. It was here that all four children's books were developed and where her current work in progress, The Fractured Globe, was conceived, drawing on her interest in human relationships and the nature/nurture debate.

She is a member of The Society of Authors [SoA], and the SoA Children's Writers and Illustrators Group, and also a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators [SCBWI]. Angela lives in south Wales.

Angela Fish

Join Tom on his adventures
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