Troubador Baxter's Bed

Released: 28/06/2018

ISBN: 9781789013825

Format: Paperback

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Baxter's Bed

Monday's Adventure


Introducing Baxter, his lovable dog, Blump, and Baxter’s bed which sets the stage for many exciting adventures!


Baxter’s Bed is a vivid and enjoyable adventure for children aged 4 - 9 years and their parents that follows the imaginative exploits of a young boy who takes his toy animals and reluctant pet dog on their bed for a cracking adventure (before he even gets dressed, to his mother’s despair!)


Each story is told in colourful, beautifully-illustrated pictures by Sarah-Leigh Wills that help tell the tale within a tale. As a bonus, the creative story is also expressed in rhyme which aids the younger reader’s literacy development, as well as being good plain fun to read aloud!  Baxter’s Bed is the first of many planned adventures and they invite you to join them as they head off into the skies for Monday’s exploits!

Have read this book to my grandchildren and they loved it. This is now doing the rounds with friends and family. It is an enjoyable read for all and I highly recommend it. Would make a great socking filler.

by Tracy Bryant

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