Troubador Barty and Darcy

Released: 14/09/2018

eISBN: 9781789012323

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Barty and Darcy

A Small Step for Pig, a Giant Leap for Duck


How often do we come across a couple who are complete opposites and yet bond brilliantly? This book tells of a pig and a duck who suffer similar fates.

Both of them run away from home and by chance meet up where they create a bond which proves unbreakable. Together they decide to seek a new future which is reliant on the pig finding a cure for his affliction.

Like a lot of mothers who encourage their children to pursue their talents Barty Hog's mother was convinced her son was going to be a World famous singer. Unfortunately, neither she or Barty were aware of a serious problem he had with his voice.

There was also a similar situation with Barty's new friend Darcy. The problem with Darcy was the fact that her legs were too long to pursue her first chosen career.

Follow them both as they journey through their young lives trying to overcome what they call their handicap. At times it is sad, other times they are really happy but what will the final outcome be? There is a very long journey ahead for both of them. Will they be together at the end? Will they achieve what they set out to do? There could be a tear at the end, not only from Barty and Darcy but also you the reader!

This is a fantastic read with superb illustrations. The message behind the story is one we should all consider when we think of our skills and where and how we can use them. My class have loved the book and it most definitely suits their age range (8 to 11 years).
We can’t wait for the next book please!

by Kirstyn Brennan

This book makes me so excited to start reading more beginner chapter books to my 3 year old! This was such a cute and fun story of friendship and overcoming your fears. The writing is perfect for young readers and listeners alike, and the pictures allow for easy visuals throughout the story.

Thanks to Netgalley for the opportunity to read this!

by Ashley Ross

A lovely story about friendship. The art in this is brilliant and a great introduction for children moving beyond picture books, but the art still there to draw them in too. It has all you need in a story hardship, overcoming issues, working together. A lovely read.

by Tara Keating

Cute story! This is a cute story for the young ones who are just starting out with chapter books. My niece may enjoy this!

by Lisa Swanangjang

This is such a sweet story about a young pig and duck, who refuse to give up on their dreams or each other. I found it to be well-written, a heartwarming story and the illustrations just finished it off. My children are still abit young for this one, but it's a story we'll read together when they're 8 or so I would say.

by Jemma

Barty and Darcy are polar opposites, but they connect to each other due in part of their "handicap". A great book about friendship, overcoming adversaries, and resiliency.

by Enica

Such a cute story!! It is a perfect read for my 1st grade classroom for those just starting out with chapter books!

by Sadie

Thank you NetGalley for this free eARC.

My 8 year old niece and I read this in a hour. It was such a adorable story about overcoming your fears and a sweet friendship. And it was perfect with the pictures.

Will highly recommended to other friends, who have young kids!

by Meghan

Sweet story about two friends who stick together while pursuing their dreams. I think 2nd grade up will enjoy reading this story! It's just right for young ones just starting out reading chapter books. Engaging characters and plot, and the illustrations just draw one in! Wonderful book!

by Catherine

A cute book about Barty and Darcy, A pig and a duck who refuse to give up on their dreams or allow each other to give up. Excellent positive message and interesting illustrations make this a good addition to our collection.

by Tara

A sweet book about a pig and duck and their friendship. The illustrations were simplistic but still charming in a watercolor format. A good book for children just starting to read longer formats.

by Angela

Barty and Darcy drives the lesson of practise, practise, practise to perform as a super artist. The story line is cute in terms of finding kindred souls who value and respect your seeking and searching for art. Barty's 'Aqua Voce' case does make you wonder why we sing so well in the bathroom but not elsewhere.. there's a cure for it.. A special edition pants from Clothes International.. It is a flight of fancy and to realize it, you have to be a patient and imaginative reader. In my sixth grade when i read of a family of oranges traveling.. I thought it was funny.. so yes, you have to suspend reality.. if you are a peppa pig fan.. then you can imagine what a pig named bartholemew is capable of once he sets his mind to it..

by Pras

A sweet story of a piglet, an aspiring opera singer, and a long-legged duck, a future ballerina.

Barty has a beautiful voice. His Mum (where would we be if our Mums didn’t push us?) organises a concert with an improvised orchestra to help him launch his career. Unfortunately, Barty suffers from Acqua Voce, a non-life-threatening condition that renders him unable to sing unless submerged in water. Barty’s fellow animals laugh at his breaking voice and he runs away, embarrassed and upset. He meets Darcy who understands him perfectly, having herself failed at synchronised swimming. The couple find out that there is a cure but they have to travel to Italy to find it.

There is a positive message of persevering and finding solutions to make your dreams come true. The couple eventually become world-famous, but always remember the support of those who believed in them.

by Tonya

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