Troubador Badger and Crab to the Rescue

Released: 28/05/2018

ISBN: 9781789013085

eISBN: 9781789010428

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Badger and Crab to the Rescue


The second book from the author of Badger and Crab’s Adventure.
Narrative focuses on the importance of teamwork and problem-solving.
For 7-9 year olds – contains entertaining illustrations from Shrewsbury artist Carol Davies.

The winter has been long. Badger and Crab haven’t seen each other for months. It’s now early spring and they meet at night on the beach and rekindle their friendship.

Yet again disaster looms. Badger and Crab have to forget their own problems and work together to resume another animal in distress. Helped by Tawny Owl and Fox and battling a gale and a rough sea, they attempt to defeat a ferocious army of spider crabs intent on a murderous spree.

The action takes place at night on the beach in a big gale and with a rapidly incoming tide, as well as in the wood where Badger meets a hostile neighbour as he attempts to enlist the help of all his friends.

All four animals are severely tested. Teamwork, ingenuity and tenacity are needed. Can land animals adapt to the seaside environment and conquer the enemy? Can they all remain friends? Who was the true villain anyway? Was it actually the humans who caused the problem in the first place?

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Catherine Trimby

I have five grandchildren and live in rural Shropshire. There are field cameras in my garden and I regularly watch the night time visits of foxes and badgers. I am a keen gardener and interested in all kinds of wild life. Conservation is also important to me.

I spent five years at boarding school in Surrey and then trained in stage management and production at The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. I worked for several years in repertory theatre before joining the BBC TV Drama Department in London. It was a great experience working on the first episodes of <'Dr Who'> in 1963, followed by <'The Forsyte Saga'>and BBC2 Classic Serials. I then spent nearly three years in New Zealand.

Volunteering has always been important to me and I was one of Shropshire's longest serving magistrates and also Chairman of the Shrewsbury Bench. Currently I work for the Independent Monitoring Board in a women's prison. I have written three novels, using my criminal justice experience.

Summer 2017
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