Troubador Badger and Crab and the Flood

Released: 28/08/2018

ISBN: 9781789014679

Format: Paperback

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Badger and Crab and the Flood


The third book from the author of Badger and Crab’s Adventure and Badger and Crab to the Rescue.
Focuses on the significance of teamwork, problem-solving and the importance of friendship.
For 7-9 year olds – contains entertaining illustrations from Shrewsbury artist Carol Davies.  

Life is hard in the woods. Spring should have sprung but day after day and night after night it has been raining. Worms are hard to find; they’ve buried themselves deep down in the ground. Badger has to roam away from his normal territory to find food for himself and his family. Fox cannot find enough to feed himself either and Tawny Owl cannot hunt in the rain.

On the beach all is well. Rain doesn’t matter. The seaside animals are in no danger of starvation. However, the stream on the beach has flooded and Badger is stranded on the wrong side. He can’t get home before daybreak. It takes great courage and ingenuity from Crab to find a solution. But Badger is ungrateful. Crab is angry at his rudeness and vows never to speak to him again. Has their friendship been ruined?

Teamwork, ingenuity and tenacity are needed to counteract the devastating effects of global warming on the natural world and to maintain important friendships.

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Catherine Trimby

I have five grandchildren and live in rural Shropshire. There are field cameras in my garden and I regularly watch the night time visits of foxes and badgers. I am a keen gardener and interested in all kinds of wild life. Conservation is also important to me.

I spent five years at boarding school in Surrey and then trained in stage management and production at The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. I worked for several years in repertory theatre before joining the BBC TV Drama Department in London. It was a great experience working on the first episodes of <'Dr Who'> in 1963, followed by <'The Forsyte Saga'>and BBC2 Classic Serials. I then spent nearly three years in New Zealand.

Volunteering has always been important to me and I was one of Shropshire's longest serving magistrates and also Chairman of the Shrewsbury Bench. Currently I work for the Independent Monitoring Board in a women's prison. I have written three novels, using my criminal justice experience.

Summer 2017
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