Troubador Arthur and the Andarran Rescue

Released: 28/11/2018

ISBN: 9781789015195

Format: Paperback

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Arthur and the Andarran Rescue


"Arthur turned his head towards the waterfall thundering into the river a short way up the valley and closed his eyes. A gentle breeze was carrying the spray in their direction and the sensation of cool droplets on his skin felt pleasant under the soft heat of the Andarran sun.”

Twelve-year-old Arthur never expected to become a war hero on a distant planet. Now he finds himself on the mountainous world of Andarra, where his enemies, the ruthless Solarians, have taken their prisoners – one of whom is his own father.

Arthur, Sky and their friends launch themselves into a desperate rescue mission that takes them across an ice-roofed sea, a haunted valley and a treacherous network of snow caves, with a little help from one of the strangest beasts they’ve ever seen. Along the way, Arthur discovers abilities he could never have imagined he possessed...

Arthur and the Andarran Rescue is the imaginative sequel to Arthur and the Mysterious Artefact, and is the ideal book for any child who is a fan of fantasy, science fiction or adventure stories.

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Craig Speakes

Although I was born in the UK, most of my life has been spent abroad, living in Nigeria, Iran, Greece, America, Japan, Singapore and Russia. I went to boarding school in England. I have a degree in Philosophy, I speak English and Russian and I am a Semi-pro photographer.

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