Troubador Archie, Jump!

Released: 28/06/2019

ISBN: 9781838590499

Format: Paperback

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Archie, Jump!


Meet Archie, a mischievous young terrier who loves adventure!

Archie’s owners, the White family, take him to training classes at the local community hall, but he simply will not do as he is told. One particularly disastrous evening means a hasty exit and no more training for Archie. He is delighted!

When Archie’s breeder hears all about his antics at the training class, she persuades the Whites to take him to an agility class instead. Archie is not best pleased with this new idea and thinks his family must be barking mad: more lessons and no one has even asked him if he wants to go!

With a local dog show fast approaching, Archie must put his paws to the test and take up this new challenge. Will he master the fences to become the new champion?

Archie, Jump! is a heartwarming tale which follows one unlikely hero as he overcomes challenges. It will be enjoyed by young readers aged 6-9 years.

So excited to say that 'Archie Wait!', has now been released. This will continue Archie's quest for stardom as a jumping champion.

I shall be reading this new book at Exeter library on Sunday 28th November at 2pm. Then on Saturday, 4th December I shall be at Cullompton library at 11.00 am. It would be lovely to see you there.

A brilliant book with lovely bright illustrations! I bought 'Archie, Jump!' for my god-daughter who absolutely loved this romp with Archie. I also read it - an easy read and you cannot help but adore this mischievous chap. We cannot wait for his next adventure!

by Lizzie Hyde

A few funny bits especially when it said Archie loved chewing toilet rolls best and great description.My favourite bit was when Archie was barking and pulling on his lead because he wanted to see his brother .Just not long enough.

by Harry Lloyd

The book was so good that I could read it over and over again for a long time. It was that good!

by Freddie

Anne Parsons

I started my working career as a teacher, and then I moved into the business world. I have worked in local government. More recently I have retired and now spend my time writing for children and undertaking voluntary work.

I have been inspired to write my books as I feel passionate about children learning to read at a young age. I am a Governor at a local primary school and regularly help children with their reading.

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