Troubador An Introduction To Cody Hamilton

Released: 28/02/2020

ISBN: 9781838592073

Format: Paperback

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An Introduction To Cody Hamilton


A trilogy of short stories introduces us to Cody Hamilton. The opening story, Cody’s Colts, features Cody, cool and sporty, and Dwaine, a dweeb with two left feet. Cody is desperate to win the local under 12 football cup, and have his picture in the paper for scoring the most hat-tricks in one season, but he knows the chances are slim with Dwaine in the team. Through a journey of discovery he learns that teamwork and friendship is more important that selfishness and winning. 

Cody lives with his long-suffering father (who is also the coach of the football team) and his loyal companion Harry the cat. They communicate with Harry as though she (yes, ‘she’) can understand every word they say. The second story in the collection Cody and Harry tells of the hilarious muddles that are had with her namesake and their neighbour, also called Harry. 

Finally, in Cody Gets Framed, Cody and his friends spend the summer holidays solving the crime of a stolen Roman treasure. Inexplicably the evidence points towards Cody. Will they discover the real culprit in time and why has Cody been framed for the theft?

An absorbing tale of football and friendship, mystery-solving and morality! Recommended for Christmas reading!

by Meg Hill

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