Troubador Adventures in Ting Ting Woods

Released: 28/05/2021

ISBN: 9781800463240

Format: Paperback

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Adventures in Ting Ting Woods

Water Lily’s Rescue


The sun has been shining for so many weeks and Ting Ting pond is drying up! Water Lily needs lots of water to keep her home afloat and if it doesn't rain soon, poor Water Lily will wilt away!

Can her friends help her?

The Adventures in Ting Ting Woods: Water Lily’s Rescue is a heart-warming story of the plight of a community of creatures in Ting Ting Woods, trying to navigate the grumpy Hiss-ing Chriss and the scary ‘huge mans’ to save their friend. It tells the tale of friendship, loyalty and overcoming fears and adversity to rescue a very good pal. Come down to the woods today!

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