Troubador Academy for Health Superheroes

Released: 28/05/2017

ISBN: 9781788035385

eISBN: 9781788032018

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Academy for Health Superheroes

The Heart


Agnes is a young girl with a special gift – she is able to feel when others need help. Together with her friends, Agnes creates the Academy for Health Superheroes, where she teaches humans, animals, organs and food characters how to make the world a healthier and happier place. In the first book of the Academy for Health Superheroes series, The Heart, Jack and his father become good friends with the Junk Food Monster. But then Jack’s father becomes very ill with some serious heart problems, which makes his family very sad. Luckily the Health Superheroes are here to help. Will they beat the Junk Food Monster in time to save Jack’s father? Agnes and David’s debut children’s book uses fun characters and quirky illustrations to educate children of the importance of nutrition, exercise and positive psychology. It also contains recipes for nutritious meals and snacks for young readers to try at home. The book will appeal to readers aged 6 years and over, as well as parents and teachers wanting to encourage a healthy lifestyle in young children.

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A brilliant way to introduce kids to their bodies and all its wonderful parts, they get to learn their usage, and how to take care of them and most importantly what not to eat and what to eat. It’s a fun and exciting way of teaching kids, the illustrations are fun and the colors on spot, I love the six masters and their secrets and the unique way the author uses to teach these important facts. This little book is not only funny and brilliant it’s a treasure trove of a wealth of health knowledge teaching them the six basic foundation of what it takes to becoming a Doctor.

by Cherry-Ann London

I read this book because my oldest daughter is in her fourth year of Med School and wants to be a pediatrician. This book was so informative in a fun way and very interactive. The six health and happiness masters that I loved! Agnes becomes a Doctor and goes to far away places to help sick people. Agnes has many adventures and along the way we learn about good health, how to eat right and be mindful.

There are recipes in this book as well that sounded great to me especially the pancake recipe at the end of the book.

by Cindy Servat (NetGalley)

Entertaining and fun to read with kids. Great illistrations. Would recommend this book. Fun learning tool.

by Rhonda Gothier (NetGalley)

The book is such a pleasure to read. The characters through they features and desires teach health and wellbeing. Every page has a message behind and there is interactive pages that my boy loves too. It creates a peaceful and warm feeling of hope and achievement throughout the pages that we both like. You can do so much with the book sometimes just looking at the pictures and understand what they are doing. Pictures are so good for the little one and my boy of 7old loved them so much. We cooked the 3 recipe from the book and enjoyed them very much . Highly recommended for people that love children's , have children's and want to give them a gift to remember. Can't wait for the second edition

by Bruna Pura

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