Troubador A Year in the Life of Brack

Released: 28/08/2017

ISBN: 9781788033329

Format: Paperback

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A Year in the Life of Brack


A collection of stories about a loveable dinosaur called ‘Brack’. Children’s enduring fascination with dinosaurs is enriched by the humorous adventures of a gentle plant-eating lead character. Beautifully and vividly illustrated by Anna Landmane.

Very early one Saturday morning the Byron family answer the door to an unexpected visitor. From that moment their lives change forever. There before them is a ginormous Brachiosaurus. Mr and Mrs Byron’s children Kaia and her twin brother Taio, persuade their parents to let their unusual guest live in their garden. Kaia names him ‘Brack’. The antics of this totally wacky dinosaur immediately cause mayhem in their quiet village of Sheperdsfield. But Brack’s kindness and bravery soon wins over their hearts.

This collection of five stories comprise ‘Who’s That Knocking At The Door’, ‘Brack Gets The Shivers’, ‘Brack’s Christmas’, ‘Brack’s Watery Adventure’ and ‘Brack And The Force Within’. At the end of the book, Brack must leave earth. His beloved family are sad but in their hearts, they know that although adventures last a short time, feelings last forever. Brack's final words give them hope, "I'll be Brack".

The stories are aimed at 7-9 year olds.

Following a successful Can't Put it Down Summer Festival event @ Tales on Moon Lane, Brack is now up on the Can't Put it Down website.

There's another dinosaur day to enjoy, with Brack, at Waterstones, Birmingham on Friday 11th August.

Last September 26th it was National Poetry Day. I spent an enjoyable but exhausting day at Bourne Abbey C of E Academy Primary School in Lincolnshire. It was a day packed with seven sessions of Brack-related musical activities and readings. The kids were fantastic. I was so impressed by the literacy programme and the reading support the school provides for the children that I nominated them for the Society of Authors Reading 4 Pleasure Award. They were successful! The Award was granted.

Keep a look out for my next book, coming up in the summer. "The Revenge of the Servants of the Gods" Pub. North Staffordshire Press.

For age 7 and up there are more downloadable eBooks for you to enjoy at 'Can't Put It Down' (The sister site of Tales On Moon Lane)

New Event: At Copthill Independent Day School near Stamford, Lincolnshire. Monday 12th March the Year Ones and I will be singing, jumping up and down, colouring. But most of all, we'll be reading A Year in the Life of Brack.

Upcoming events:
June 6th @ Morley Newlands Academy, Leeds. Presentation and activities with Year Twos, featuring 'A Year in the Life of Brack' and 'The Revenge of the Servants of the Gods'.
July 7th @ North Staffordshire Press, Newcastle-under-Lyme. Book Launch of 'The Revenge of the Servants of the Gods'.
July 27th from 11:00 till 14:00 @ Kenilworth Books, Warwickshire. Signing, reading and activities.

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Judith Brulo

Most of my working life has been as a free-lance classical musician and teacher. I've also trained as an Early Years music educator and have worked with family and school groups ranging from babies through to Year 6. I have organised and delivered training sessions for Early Years teachers, helping them to expanding their expertise in delivering music.

Working on material for this age group has inspired me to expand my story telling, move away from the music bias and create new stories. And this is what I love to do.

Since retiring I have found myself at the computer daily, doing the thing I love: writing. I enjoy tapping into children's imaginative world, writing about things that make children laugh and think. When they laugh, they learn.

Animals have played an important part in my life. I love cats in particular. At one time I owned, or should I say, was adopted by 7 cats and a dog. I have four cats… the moment.

I have gorgeous twin grandchildren who at the time of writing are 9 yrs old. You will read about them and their lovable and ingenious dinosaur in 'A Year In The Life Of Brack'. (For reading age 7+ and interest 6+).

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A Year in the Life of Brack
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