Troubador A Piddle of Puppies

Released: 28/10/2018

ISBN: 9781789015539

Format: Paperback

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A Piddle of Puppies


Popular children’s author-illustrator Andréa Prior returns with her second charming collection of rhymes, poems, rhythm and wordplay to delight children’s imaginations. In A Piddle of Puppies, Andréa leads readers through the weird and wonderful names for groups of animals.

Children will be enchanted to read about these unusual sounding names, such as a mischief of mice, a crossing of zebras, a shiver of sharks and piddle of puppies! With engaging questions and fascinating facts at the end of each rhyme, it is a perfect way to learn about animals and their behaviours. 

 The poems are accompanied by humorous and colourful illustrations hand drawn by Andréa. She also uses word patterns and tongue twisters to inspire young readers’ imaginations and help with their reading skills, which worked so well at engaging children in her first book, A Parcel of Pigs.

My debut author / illustrated children's book 'A Parcel of Pigs' is a collection of quirky and appealing children's rhymes with bright colourful illustrations. Great to read aloud, the rhymes are written to provide an interactive and memorable reading experience between parent and child, as well as being a fun and engaging way to help children with their reading skills.

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Andrea  Thompson

ANDREA THOMPSON is an artist and writer who gained her degree in illustration from Leeds University. She spent her formative career years working as an illustrator and Artists Agent in children's publishing, before pursuing a rewarding career as managing director of a London branding consultancy. Andrea is also an accomplished classical pianist.

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