Troubador A Baby Moves in with Leroy and Patsy

Released: 12/06/2017

ISBN: 9781788035651

Format: Paperback

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A Baby Moves in with Leroy and Patsy


Part of The New Road Friends series. Each book in the series includes guidance notes for parents and professionals.

Carol Platteuw and illustrater Nicky Armstrong have created a beautiful set of 5 illustrated books for children. Each title, set among a group of friends at a primary school, explores themes common to adopted and fostered children, following their journeys and introducing the supportive people they meet.

This book tells the story of Leroy and Patsy. Leroy and Patsy’s birth parents abused drugs, Leroy had to take care of his sister to make sure she was safe. The children are placed with foster carers and then placed with adoptive parents. Their birth parents then have another baby who joins their adoptive family. When they discuss this with their friends they discover that sometimes siblings are separated into different families. This book explores how if an older sibling has to take on the role of looking out for a younger sibling - how difficult it is to give that role up and trust adults again. The book also explores how children question why birth parents cannot overcome addiction and the many difficult feelings this evokes in them. Finally the book explores how it is not always possible for siblings who are removed from birth families to stay together. The book can be read to children by their parent or by a professional working with them. Guidance notes are provided to assist the reader in exploring some of the issues within the book further.

Carol tackles the drug abuse in birth parents in a very non judgemental & sensitive way. This book helps children to understand some of their own feelings & emotions, & to demonstrate positive ways to express themselves. The younger sibling moving in is an area which would help many second time adopters.

by Elizabeth Archer

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