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Released: 01/07/2012

ISBN: 9781780881980

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World Enough and Time


“Sometimes I look in the mirror and things don’t seem so bad. Maybe when the light is flattering, or a shadow falls in just the right place. I can spend hours examining myself at times like this, trying to convince myself that this better version of my face appears to the world more often than I imagine. That every time I sit face to face with Michael, this is what he sees. Other times I will catch a stranger staring, or a toddler will ask its mummy what’s wrong with the big girl over there, and the illusion shatters.” 

Anna Jones is an intelligent and spirited girl of 15, whose everyday experiences of growing up are overshadowed by a rare condition called Goldenhar syndrome. While Anna approaches her life with humour and determination, she is haunted by the inescapable fact that she looks a little different from other girls. Despite the support of her friends and family, she remains convinced she will never be loved – especially not by the gorgeous and intelligent Michael. Anna’s life and schooling is regularly interrupted by a variety of hospital visits, each one of which seems designed to make her feel even more different from the other girls. As she counts down the days until the major surgery that will change the course of her life forever, Anna becomes increasingly doubtful as to whether she will ever be truly normal. World Enough and Time is an often funny, sometimes painful but ultimately uplifting novel about growing up and finding your feet in the world. It has been inspired by Judy Blume and offers a harrowing but inspirational insight into a condition that is mostly unheard of.

World Enough and Time was published on July 1st 2012 and is available in paperback and all forms of eBook, including Kindle.

To follow a blog written by the main character, Anna Jones, go to the author's website. Here you can read more about Anna's experiences and even interact with Anna, her friends and her other followers.

Reading Is Dreaming

Although it seems to be aimed at 15 year old schoolgirls and I am rather at the other end of the scale, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The characterisations were interesting and three dimensional, particularly Ashley and Tim, the descriptive writing was involving without being too detailed and the plot moved on, despite the reader never knowing how deformed Anna was at the start (as opposed to it being in her own mind) and how "fixed" she was at the end. A good, evocative, quiet, gentle and paced novel.

by Timothy Nathan

I instantly felt like I knew the main character, Anna, and everything she is going through, even though I knew nothing about her syndrome before reading this book. It opened my eyes onto the obvious: she feels, thinks, acts and desperately wants to be just like every other teenager. Of course, we all know that, yet the fact that we read it, and never see or know how badly affected she is means that we sometimes forget about it, just like she probably wishes we did in real life.

It is beautifully written and is a delight to read: funny yet compelling, easy to read yet profound. Written from a teenage girl's perspective, I also found that it was realistic but never self-indulgent. It is one of these books you wish never ended and leaves you thinking about Anna for many days to come, as if you had travelled with her through life for a little while...

I will definitely recommend this book around me!

by Flo

Just finished reading this. I laughed, I cried, I nearly dropped my phone in the bath - I recommend to one and all!

by NBennett

An amazing book to read. I find it really hard to find books that I enjoy, but the minute I started reading World Enough and Time I just knew that it would be a book that I was unable to put down - and I was right. I felt an instant connection to Anna, and found that the book left me speechless. A well written piece with a perfect insight to the mind of a teenage girl. I would recommend it to anyone!

by Lucy

"I absolutely loved this book, it was very well written with just enough description to keep your attention but not enough to drag on! It really opened my eyes to how hard it is to live with a disability and Anna really seemed like a typical teenager with all her problems and her thoughts and opinions. I read nearly the whole book in one night and wished it was longer!" By Lauren.

by Lauren

When you are an English teacher (as I am) and you read a lot of Young Adult novels (as I do) you begin to notice trends in styles. A mid teens female narrator? Hmmm. This must be a book that involves falling in love with the wrong boy and either running away before realising the terrible mistake she has made or convincing the adults in the novel that the unsuitable boy isn't actually that unsuitable. "World Enough and Time" bucks these trends however and gives us a narrator that simply isn't that sort of girl.

Anna is bright, articulate, critically aware of the flaws she knows others see in her and yet oblivious to the flaws that she doesn't realise that she is capable of having. She is witty, sarcastic and brilliantly written. Born with a deformity known as "Goldehar's syndrome" her face (specifically the right side of her face) is mis-shapen and this novel charts the run up to the major operation that she hopes will make her look more "normal". Unlike other novels with narrators that suffer "character building" disabilities/ deformities however, this novel allows you to almost forget about them until they are needed as a device to move the plot along. Anna is constantly aware of her looks and yet she seems no different to other teenage girls, despite the vast differences in the self confidence issues that stem from appearance as well as the everyday issues that come from simply being 15.

Anna isn't a victim. She has friends and a family who love her. There is no bad guy in this novel. What there is however is a well crafted set of characters and scenarios that are thoroughly believable as well as heartfelt. The author has obviously spent a lot of time around young people and knows the good that most have in them as well as the stupidity and ignorance that gets in the way of their social growth

If I had to say anything less than positive about this book I would say that I feel it could have been longer. There are sections of the story that could quite happily have had more detail applied to them and the ending feels pacier than the rest of the book, but this is only a small criticism and only one I would give if I were pushed to make one.

This novel is an excellent piece of Young Adult fiction and I wouldn't be surprised if schools picked it up as a text for 14/15 year olds to study. At the same time it is an enjoyable read. As an adult reading this type of novel it is always difficult to gauge whether teenagers will like a novel as much as I did, but I think they will.

by Faerieryn

This is a gentle, thought provoking book which engages the reader from beginning to end.

I agree with the previous reviewer who wanted more - I'd love to know if more are planned? I think it would be a real shame not to know more of this character and her evolving life.

Excellent, finished in one sitting because I couldn't stop.

by Julia

A moving and insightful book aimed for teenagers but also an interesting read for adults. Highly pertinent in our 'image conscious' age where young people feel that they don't fit in or belong. Anna experiences the same teenage angst over and above her condition involving painful surgery and invasive medical procedures. Every teenager (and their parent or carer) should read this! Moving but also uplifting

by Chrissy

You can get so into this book that you stay up all night just to finish it in one sitting - I know I did that!

by Holly

Every teenager is self-conscious about something and Anna is no different. This book sees life through the eyes of someone who thinks they are different from "normal" teenagers. A gripping read for young and old, one you won't want to put down until the last word!

by Mrs P.

This is the sort of book you read in one go. I enjoyed it very much and liked the main character - a feisty and brave girl who faces up to the challenges of her life with humour and spirit. Some interesting questions are raised too in terms of issues relating to genetic testing and abortion. Well written and absorbing.

by Louisa Reid, author of "Black Heart Blue"

Emma C Williams

Emma C Williams is currently teaching in a large comprehensive school. She lives in Surrey with her husband and two very irritating cats. World Enough and Time is her first novel for Young Adults.

You can follow the author on Twitter @emma_c_williams and find her on Facebook by searching for "Emma C Williams".

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