Troubador When the World Falls Down

Released: 28/03/2020

ISBN: 9781838592851

eISBN: 9781838597856

Format: Paperback/eBook

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When the World Falls Down


Meet Bethany Hannah Morgan. She’s an ordinary girl living in an ordinary world. Well, not quite… 

When Bethany’s best, and only, friend dies, her life is shrouded in grief. But when she discovers a mysterious new world through her cupboard door, she sees the chance to escape to Edimor, a galaxy of pirates, wizards, nightmarish monsters, space travel and mystery. 

Bethany quickly befriends Grollp, a troll pirate who has in his possession a locket said to harness great power. Edimor is under threat from a mysterious child and his carer, and Grollp intends to use this locket to save the world from certain ruin. With no intention of staying in her own world and desperate to escape events she does not quite understand, Bethany joins the fight, determined to save Edimor from its imminent demise. 

Can these dark and sinister forces be overcome?

Jon's first book, When the World Falls Down was published with the help of the Matador team in 2020 and is available to buy in both paperback and Ebook formats. Book 2 in the series is getting ready to start it's own adventure, while books 3 and 4, along with other separate ideas are currently being edited and written.

Jon has created a truly exciting and visceral world that came to life instantly in mind, and made me want to find anything and everything out as Bethany does! I found it highly enjoyable to read, and found it so interesting to see what a world where creatures from storybooks as well as new ones lived in. I cannot wait to read where Bethany's journey goes next! A highly enjoyable read that I would recommend to anyone

by Eleanor

This book was a joy to read. Charmingly written, the narrator is as much a character as any of those whose adventures we follow through the weird and wonderful galaxy of Edimor. Bethany is a protagonist to root for. Her friends are your own, as together they get in and out of intergalactic scrapes, twirling pistols, quips and mustachios to boot. I laughed out loud, and was moved just as often, as when it comes to shots to the heart, the writer is just as trigger-happy as his space-piratical protagonists.

Five-star read. Would recommend to fans of Douglas Adams, and of the world-building fantasy genre. I anticipate the sequel.

by Benedict Powell

A gripping read. Very imaginative.

by Ann

This excellent book invites readers to lose themselves entirely in an immersive and joyfully ridiculous new world.
Following the travels of a delightful young heroine, we are taken on a turbulent tour of the author’s vibrant and intractable imagination, providing a thrilling narrative for the adventures of this fearless child!
Packed with abrupt humour and unprecedented characters, it was really a pleasure to read and I can hardly wait for the sequel.
A solid six out of five starts from me.

by Callum Ison-Murdoch

Jon created such a wonderfully vivid world that sucked me in from the word go. Can't wait for the next installments!

by Emma

This is like a mash up of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Narnia. It was pretty imaginative setting, and the writing was good. It was a lot better than what I was expecting.

by NetGalley review

I really enjoyed reading it. Once I got into it I found it really hard to put down. Ended up having to ration it so I didn't stay up too late reading. Looking forward to the sequel.

by Margaret

Very imaginative, I really enjoyed this book.

by Beth

This is book is really fun and engaging. It has a warm, unusual style, and is surprisingly multi-layered. Would recommend.

by Stephanie Mitchell

A delightful fantasy world with quirky characters. This book vividly creates this alternate world and its characters. A welcome piece of escapism in these dark times of Lockdown.

by Alexander Gordon-Wood

A delightful fantasy world with quirky characters. This book vividly creates this alternate world and its characters. A welcome piece of escapism in these dark times of Lockdown.

by Alexander Gordon-Wood

Loved it! Looking forward to the next one.

by Jenny

We really loved it!

by @explicit_facts

The author has created a world full of lively and entertaining characters. The hero of the tale is swept up in an adventure in a fantasy world of wizards, orcs, trolls, and other strange beings. The sense of awe and wonder the hero feels as she discovers this new world and her place in it shines through in the author's descriptions and narrative. Can't wait to read the next part of the story!

by Rebecca Bingaman

Jon Bolitho-Jones

Born in sunny Watford, Jon has dabbled with writing ever since he was young. As a big fan of both fantasy and sci-fi his stories have generally ended up on the more fantastical end of the spectrum. Favourite books include City of Dreaming Books and A Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. If it's something a bit odd there's a good chance that he'll want to read it. Other interests include miniature wargaming, history, and anything super geeky. Along with writing Jon is also a trained actor, and annually appears in pantomimes, normally as the comic lead. When the World Falls Down is his first book, and part 1 of a series of 6. He has also started writing other fantasy and sci-fi work. Currently finds himself in the Merseyside area talking to himself next to a microphone, writing, and waiting for Covid to be finished.

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