Troubador Vincent - The Boy Who Painted the Night

Released: 28/02/2019

ISBN: 9781789016864

Format: Paperback

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Vincent - The Boy Who Painted the Night


See Vincent Van Gogh through eyes of a magical dragonfly, see Vincent in his true colours, in a different light sun and moonlight. Imagine the world of Vincent Van Gogh, a most magical world full of wonder both in heaven and upon earth.

Free Vincent from the moonstone Victorian paperweight as he is trapped in our collective imaginations. Free him from the picture palace which is forever showing the movie ‘Lust for Life’, which shows only a brief glimpse of the real Vincent. See the real Vincent for what he was, not born old like Benjamin Button. Free him from the corner we have helped to paint him into. So he can finally fly free to join the other great artists who are now painting heaven bronze, silver and gold, all the colours of the rainbow in fact. Artists of the world unite and free Vincent, the boy who painted the night.

Praise for Mark’s previous book, The Time Traveller’s Club:

“Once you can really get your teeth into it, The Time Travellers Club is a good story with a unique style... Even better if you have an interest in the history of science and invention or time travel.” – The Brick Castle.

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