Troubador Under the Dragon’s Tooth

Released: 21/08/2017

eISBN: 9780995715196

Format: eBook

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Under the Dragon’s Tooth


From Jaye Sarasin author of The Green Enclave - Runa 7.

Are the burn marks on the man’s wrist a sign of torture?

Returning from a prop hunt for the theatre, Sally comes across a drunk and injured man hidden in a ditch beside the road. He is terrified and soon loses consciousness. With no signal to make a call, Sally seeks assistance from a passing businessman and together they arrange for the local odd-job man to take the mystery stranger to hospital in his van. As the van disappears from view, Sally finds the stranger’s diary in the ditch and, intent on returning it to him, later goes to the hospital but finds him nowhere.

With the help of Sher, the attractive young American she has met on her prop hunt, Sally delves into the lost diary, having becoming even more suspicious on discovering that the odd-job man’s van has been found, burned out, on isolated waste ground. Who was the terrified stranger? Had he been tortured? Where is he now? Are the people she works with or those who are apparently helping her all they seem?

Then, when her flat is burgled, Sally finds herself in a situation from which she cannot escape.

The Green Enclave Runa 7, my first science fiction book in the RUNA series is now out on Amazon

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Jaye Sarasin

Jaye worked for the Science Research Council and as a high school teacher until taking early retirement to write.

Favourite books:

Anything by Terry Pratchett, although particularly 'Mort'

The Bridge of the San Luis Rey by Thornton Wilder

Favourite film To Kill a Mocking Bird

Lord of the Rings

Favourite piece of Music Holst's 'The Planet Suite'

Now lives in Yorkshire

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