Troubador Under The Dragon’s Tooth

Released: 28/04/2019

ISBN: 9780995715189

eISBN: 9780995715196

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Under The Dragon’s Tooth


A gripping read set in the world of the theatre and the Highlands of Scotland.

Teenager Sally’s life is in danger from the minute she finds the injured Russian hiding in a ditch and tries to help him. He later disappears but suspecting he may have been tortured, she sets out to track him down, aided by Sher, an attractive young American she has met on a prop hunt for the theatre and who seems to know a lot about Russia. But the criminals have found her and she is kidnapped and imprisoned along with the American.  

Using her knowledge of theatre she escapes but is recaptured and taken to a desolate spot in the Highlands of Scotland where the only exit is via a vertiginous climb over the mountain, the Dragon’s Tooth.. Now Sally has to work out who she can trust. Is it Hugo Deloitte, the charismatic director who has offered her the once in a lifetime chance of work experience at his theatre? Kellaway, the odd job man who took the injured man to hospital in his van? Or the businessman who is funding the theatre? What have all these people to do with the Russian Mafia? 

And, more importantly, will she see the American again?

The Green Enclave Runa 7, my first science fiction book in the RUNA series is now out on Amazon

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Jaye Sarasin

Jaye worked for the Science Research Council and as a high school teacher until taking early retirement to write.

Favourite books:

Anything by Terry Pratchett, although particularly 'Mort'

The Bridge of the San Luis Rey by Thornton Wilder

Favourite film To Kill a Mocking Bird

Lord of the Rings

Favourite piece of Music Holst's 'The Planet Suite'

Now lives in Yorkshire

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