Troubador Trusthearts and Tails: Harry and the Haunted House

Released: 14/03/2018

eISBN: 9781789010510

Format: eBook

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Trusthearts and Tails: Harry and the Haunted House


Harry the Golden Retriever loves to listen. But will anyone listen to him about the mystery of the haunted house?

Why does an ominous chitter arise from the abandoned house on the hill during every storm? Harry knows that there is something; something evil, in the house. But what? Together with his new Guardian friends, Harry sets out to find out what, or who, has been terrifying the neighborhood for years. What could possibly go wrong?

Trusthearts and Tails tells the stories of animal heroes and heroines across different eras in familiar and exotic locations. A talking animal fantasy series set in the magical and mysterious Ae’tann, the true home of animals, and the world that we live in, Trusthearts and Tails is the second series in the award winning Tails of Ae’tann universe.

In Harry and the Haunted House, the realm of Ae’tann and its interactions with our World is further explored. How do Shadows affect and attack the living? Are they the true source of evil? Using the haunted house as a character itself, we look at how evil can start small, be invited into our lives for just an instant; and then slowly and unassumingly grow into something that can overwhelm you.

Harry has always been a good listener, but as he strives to solve the mystery of the haunted house, he learns that sometimes, the best thing you can do is listen to yourself.

With its layered themes, breath-taking art and set in an awe-inspiring universe, Harry and the Haunted House is a book that both children and adults will love.

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