Troubador The Strange Tale of the Snake Ring

Released: 28/02/2015

ISBN: 9781784621094

Format: Paperback

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The Strange Tale of the Snake Ring


The Snake Ring’s magic is unique, unseen yet powerful. It can change the way events happen, warn good people of danger and lead villains into failure and disgrace. It belongs to young Thomas, who is preparing to set off to seek his fortune. He leaves the ring in the care of his sweetheart, Gerda, but she is careless and allows the ring to fall into a river nearby… Thomas arrives at the Shining Kingdom, where he finds work in the king’s kitchen. To his surprise, one day the king gives the boy a knighthood and a bag of gold, even suggesting he might marry a princess. But Thomas is true to his love and asks to return home. The king equips him with a horse, a sword, a badge to prove his importance and… the Snake Ring! It has appeared to protect him once again. Feeling pleased with himself, Thomas ignores the ring’s warning not to take the path through the forest on his journey home. He is captured by robbers, who lock him in a cave and take his ring to the next town to sell it. Meanwhile Gerda is beginning to think Thomas will never return and is being urged to marry another man. Is the ring’s magic strong enough to make a miracle happen and bring Thomas and Gerda back together? The Strange Tale of the Snake Ring is a folk tale full of magic and danger. It is an ideal read for boys and girls aged nine to thirteen, as well as parents who enjoy reading with their children.

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I am Charlotte I have just read the Peculiar Tale of the Snake Ring. I love the book. My tutor Rosie gave it to me. I rate it at 100/100. I like it because I love the way the ring... No, I love everything about it. I love reading and writing books, they make me happy.

by Charlotte, aged 8

John Holroyd

John Holroyd is the author of The Strange Tale of the Snake Ring and Snake Ring at Risk & Other Stories.

John Holroyd

John Holroyd
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