Troubador The Stolen Planet

Released: 28/08/2019

ISBN: 9781789018530

eISBN: 9781838599263

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Stolen Planet

The Nereid Trilogy Part Two


Eirwen is back and developing physically as well as growing conscious of her new Nereid skills. She faces a dangerous and lonely mission travelling through some of Earth’s most monster controlled oceans to find Neptune and the answers to her questions. Why were the sisters banished to Earth, and why were her two sisters transformed? She is helped by Galene, Goddess of the Near Sea, The Decapods, Ocean Stallions, Neptune’s fishermen, his horses and a giant squid.

During the journey she is plagued by the creature who is responsible for her plight. He is the destructive Adaro Kato sometimes riding a fast flying giant Weta. Can Eirwen reach Neptune’s kingdom against all the odds and find the answers to questions burning in her heart before it is too late?

Book 1 - Eirwen and the Gossamer Rainbow. The book launch was held at Blackwells
book shop, Portsmouth University on 24th February 2018 at 11 am.
There were readings and questions answered by the Author Pearl Denham.
A lively group of adults and children enjoyed the fun.

News: Pearl's art website has now been updated to include her writing. She has started it off with" Eirwen and the Gossamer Rainbow" which is book 1 of the Nereid Trilogy and intends to update it with news of her progress on Book two. It will include some of her thoughts as the adventures develop.

Book 1 Review
"Eirwen and the Gossamer Rainbow gets one's attention from the very first page and maintains interest throughout with some good twists and turns in this moral tale. I particularly enjoyed the final surprise and look forward to further developments in this trilogy." Polly Milner

Good News friends! Book 2 of the trilogy is now in print and in e-book form. Called 'The Stolen Planet' it takes Eirwen to new heights of development and adventure.

First review: The Stolen Planet is the second book in the fantasy trilogy that started with Eirwen and the Gossamer Rainbow. In the Stolen Planet , the nymph Eirwen sets out to discover the truth behind her exile to earth, and to reveal the fate of her home planet, Nereid. Eirwen begins her long and perilous journey under the sea to consult Neptune, the ruler of her planetary system, but soon into her journey she is horrified to realise that her elder sisters, who were turned into geese to disguise them from their enemies, have limited time left to live in their earthly forms. Eirwen must find a way to return her sisters to their rightful forms as nymphs before she loses them forever.

The Stolen Planet is a delightful story about self-discovery, courage and empowerment, set in an undersea world of mystical creatures and Eirwen is an engaging protagonist who grows in strength and self-knowledge as she confronts new challenges.
CAROL WESTRON: author, editor and teacher.

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Pearl Denham

Pearl spent twenty years with young people teaching mathematics and IT and gained a Ph.D researching the fascinating area of Mental Models developed by children between the ages of nine and fourteen. In retirement she began to paint finding a particular interest in plants and animals. These included paintings for her grandchildren which stimulated visual imagination and told a story.

A writing for Children course with The London School of Journalism helped her to get ideas into words and writing started. Membership of Denmead Writers Group with leader writer Carol Westron and fellow students encouraged and developed her love of words and visual imagination. Eirwen and the Gossamer Rainbow is her debut novel, and the first of the Nereid Trilogy.

Latest news. Book two is now with the editor. Called The Stolen Planet it is receiving lots of attention to make it the best it can be. This second book in the Nereid trilogy is a fast moving fantasy adventure and is expected to be published in 2019.

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