Troubador The Stolen Planet

Released: 28/08/2019

eISBN: 9781838599263

Format: eBook

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The Stolen Planet

The Nereid Trilogy Part Two


Eirwen is back and developing physically as well as growing conscious of her new Nereid skills. She faces a dangerous and lonely mission travelling through some of Earth’s most monster controlled oceans to find Neptune and the answers to her questions. Why were the sisters banished to Earth, and why were her two sisters transformed? She is helped by Galene, Goddess of the Near Sea, The Decapods, Ocean Stallions, Neptune’s fishermen, his horses and a giant squid.

During the journey she is plagued by the creature who is responsible for her plight. He is the destructive Adaro Kato sometimes riding a fast flying giant Weta. Can Eirwen reach Neptune’s kingdom against all the odds and find the answers to questions burning in her heart before it is too late?

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