Troubador The Spell of Whirldungen

Released: 28/06/2018

ISBN: 9781789010060

eISBN: 9781789010855

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Spell of Whirldungen


When a mysterious letter arrives during the summer holidays, Chris Spratt’s life is changed in a way he could never have imagined. Along with his friends Rosie, Ollie and Will, Chris has been given a place at the strange school of Cluifers, owned by the evil Dr Black.  

When the friends discover that Dr Black has magically created the school to find a way to destroy them, they realise they must find the awful and long-hidden Spell of Whirldungen before Black can get his hands on it. 

Accompanied by magical friends, shape-shifting moggy-cloggs, Chris’ genie and a talking book who knew Chris’ missing father, readers travel with Chris and his friends to the amazing Library of Leaves in the Academy of Mandria – a magical and, as it turns out, highly dangerous place. What with cloaks that can kill, gargoyles that come to life and a terrible spell to find, Chris and his friends are on a steep learning curve with no room for error. Who will get to the Spell of Whirldungen first?

That's Books

It's a well-understood trope for fatherless children to believe the absent parent is wonderful and special. In the case of these four young friends, it turns out to be fact, thanks to the parallel world of magic in this series.

Of course, 'the magical academy' is a popular theme as well, and this one gives Hogwarts a run for its money.

When the evil in a world is clearly labeled as such, that is also reassuring. These four friends are precisely the same age, even sharing their birthday, and begin the tale at the age of eleven. I'm hoping that as they get older, their perspective on the complexity of their magic universe is also given more dimension. But for now, the reason grownups are allowing them to be so close to dangers such as the Spell of Whirldungen is safely a product of mass hypnosis.

That universe is very engrossing and well-conceived. There are plenty of loose ends to sustain the coming volumes, but they have ended this first one with a satisfying triumph.

Spoiler: the being depicted on the cover is NOT a Whirldungen, merely a dragon. Vaguely disappointed by that. :)

by Helgaleena

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