Troubador The Soul Snatcher

Released: 01/12/2012

eISBN: 9781780887906

Format: eBook

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The Soul Snatcher


“Jemma Jessop disappeared today. No-one saw her go. She just vanished. One minute she was sitting at her desk in class 9J and the next minute her seat was empty.”

In a quiet English town, a girl disappears from school in the middle of the afternoon. No-one sees her go and her whereabouts are unknown. Days earlier, a boy went missing from a different school, and Detective Inspector Chalk, the officer heading up the investigation, thinks that the children have gone away together... Until the town is hit by a spate of vanishing children. Pupils from local schools are disappearing day after day, and panic sets in as parents and teachers try to make sense of what is happening.

The children all return, to everyone’s relief, but they have all undergone a complete personality change and none of them can remember where they’ve been. DI Chalk is convinced that drugs are at the root of the incidents, but what he doesn’t realise is that the Soul Snatcher, an evil alien, is the one responsible...

The Soul Snatcher is a chilling and original work of children’s fiction that combines school life, mystery, science fiction and a battle of wits between children and police detectives. It has been described as ‘Waterloo Road meets Dr Who’ and ‘Agatha Christie meets Inspector Clousseau’. It will be enjoyed by young adults and children aged 10+.

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