Troubador The Shepherds of Monte Cassino

Released: 28/10/2021

ISBN: 9781800464940

Format: Paperback

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The Shepherds of Monte Cassino


It’s 1944. In the city of Cassino, in Italy, close to the Monte Cassino, is Wojtek, an extraordinary bear with military experience. He is a traveller and a honey lover, whose passion in life is to taste the best types of honey that each country that he visits has to offer. As he arrives to Italy, he encounters devastated hills and, he quickly discovers that the region’s bees are in danger, and that, soon there will be no more honey. Wojtek decides to fight the enemy, and he rallies his squads in order to recruit and train volunteers and get rid of the enemy.

As the fighting escalates and Wojtek experiences a number of difficulties and challenges. As he navigates many obstacles, he drinks a lot of honey and makes a stand as he commits himself to conquer the enemy so that, once and for all, the bees of Cassino will have a safe place to produce the thing he loves most: sweet golden honey. Will he feel the sting of defeat?

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