Troubador The Serpent of Eridor

Released: 28/01/2015

eISBN: 9781784627362

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The Serpent of Eridor


Attacked by an assassin, and positive that the next attempt will be fatal, 14-year-old Alex Weston seizes the slim chance of survival, choosing to abandon ship in a tropical typhoon. Subsequently shipwrecked onto the island of Eridor with his hamster Skoodle, Alex unwittingly crosses the barrier into a world of enchantment. He soon discovers that his beloved pet is not just a hamster, but rather a funny, opinionated, reluctant hero who regularly takes advice from his dead uncle. While on the island, they befriend a brilliant, ebullient monkey, a warrior bear and a sarcastic snake. Possessing no magic abilities himself, Alex is armed only with bravery, loyalty, sheer cussedness and wit as he fights to save his life and his friends. He must also wrestle with the suspicion that a few ounces of added rodent doesn't make him the strongest fighting unit on the island. On his journey, Alex is pursued by murderous crocodiles, engulfed by a man-eating mud swamp and attacked by vengeful wizards. But all that feels like a warm-up in comparison to his final challenge... The Serpent of Eridor is an adventure thriller threaded with humour that will appeal to children aged eight-twelve. Vivid, graphic and containing both the wonderful and the weird, it is a fast-paced story full of twists and turns. Inspired by authors such as C. S. Lewis and Anthony Horowitz, author Alison is fascinated by the genre of fantasy and enjoys weaving wild and bizarre aspects into her adventure series, including the sequel Alchemy.

“The Serpent of Eridor” by Alison Gardiner is a really attractive and absorbing book, considering that I’m an English student and it was difficult for me to find a book that could provide me the right vocabulary and at the same time that it would allow me to have fun reading it with and entertaining plot.

There are many things I would like to highlight from this book, because I personally find it fascinating. In my opinion the most interesting fact is the use of adjectives and adverbs, the extensive and innovative vocabulary that is handled in the plot, is easy to understand it with my level but at the same time is really diverse so he taught me new concepts and words that I didn’t know until now.

From the plot I really love that everything happens very quickly so it’s not possible to get bored, also the characters have such an special characteristics so cleverly defined that you feel that you truly know them, each of them, and you feel that you can really imagine them physically, because of their personalities and their most genuine details and of course the scenarios within the book are finely designed in such a way that you relate the situations as if you were watching a fantastic movie.

In my language, I don´t used to read these kinds of stories where magic have been involved with fantasy scenarios, but this book in particular really caught my attention in a spectacular way, with an action-packed full of impressive characters and with original situations. I feel that I learned a lot having read it and something I consider even more important, is that I want continue reading more books like this one in order to improve my English level every day.

"Alex's parents are missing, so the only answer is for Alex, with his pet hamster, - yes a hamster but a hamster with talents - to set out to find them. They are helped on their way by friendly (well, mostly) characters in a page-turning adventure. Dialogue and action crackle along on the quest to Eridor, and the result is ‘ice’: read the book to find what that signifies."
Chris Awdry, author of Thomas the Tank Engine series
"This is a great book, I would say it is written for ages 9 to 14, although I am 44 and absolutely loving it! Not quite finished it yet (so can't ruin the ending for you) but it is so well written I can't put it down! My son who is 14 and not a reader, is also really enjoying it!

There is just enough description so that you can see everything vividly in your mind without going overboard on describing every last detail... The communication between the animals and Alex is really cleverly done and very funny at times...

I would recommend this book to anyone and I think this is an author to look out for... Is she the next J K Rowling or C S Lewis?? Quite possibly!!" Ms Ellison.

"This review is by Thomas, 10 years old. I would recommend this book to anyone my age. It was tremendously exciting and I read it from start to finish in less than 4 days. The main character, Alex is a teenage boy who likes going on adventures with his hamster, Skoodle. I am really looking forward to reading more books from this author." Thomas.

"A first class story for children; would throughly recommended it. Fast paced and well written with sufficient tension to stop you wanting to put it down. The stage appears to be set for a sequel, which would be good news.

This is an author to watch." Mike Holker-Barnes.

"Great read. Lots of imagination and a fun story with a furry friend. Intrigue for all" Felicity Irwin.

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Alison Gardiner

Full time juggler: doctor, kids, author. I love to laugh, so it comes through in my writing. Mainly I write MG fantasy and fiction. It's all fun.

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