Troubador The Secret of the Wooden Chest

Released: 28/07/2017

ISBN: 9781788032537

eISBN: 9781788031493

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Secret of the Wooden Chest


The Secret of the Wooden Chest follows a girl named Hannah, who lives with her parents in a flat above a nursing home. As an only child, Hannah loves to make friends with the people who live in the nursing home, and so she is excited when one day she hears that a new lady is moving in – a mysterious Italian lady called Mrs Oberto. At first Mrs Oberto seems quite grumpy, but eventually she and Hannah become friends. However, despite their friendship, Hannah can’t persuade her new friend to tell her what secret lies within an old wooden chest that she keeps on her bedside table. It isn’t until Mrs Oberto becomes seriously ill and is taken to hospital, that she needs Hannah’s help to open the wooden chest. Will Hannah be able to use the mysterious object inside it to help Mrs Oberto to get better..? As the adventure takes off, Hannah has the chance to speak to a girl from ancient Roman times and finds out that if she wants to help Mrs Oberto to get better, she will need the help of a Roman god! The Secret of the Wooden Chest features friendship, humour, mystery and a touch of magic.

That's Books

.5 stars.
This is such a LOVELY book! Its beautifully written and such a sweet story about a girl named Hannah, an old lady named Mrs Oberto and a little secret magical friend named Tranaquil. The relationship Hannah has with the ladies at the retirement home was really nice to read about. The story flowed really well and I can easily see this being popular.

Part way through this I kept thinking this would make a really good series, so it was utter delight to find out that this will indeed be the beginning of one! I cannot wait to read the rest.

I definitely recommend this to all kids and especially those who are interested in anything to do with Roman times.

Well done to Catherine Rosevear for such a great book, I will keep my eyes out for the next one!

by Rachel McKitterick

I received this book from Netgalley for an honest review. I read it with my grandchildren, a very good bedtime story book. The relationship between Hannah and the old ladies in the home was good. We loved the fact that the book was an introduction to more adventures for Hannah in the future and we look forward to reading them together at bedtimes.

by Gail Wylde

The characters of this story are great and the storyline, an excellent one, Anna is a caring, friendly and loving little girl, she is also very curious about what goes on around her, and living in a nursing home owned by her parents and run by them, provides her with a ready depot of stories from long ago, told to her by her friends the residents of the Nursing home. After meeting Mrs. Oberton their new midnight arrival, they quickly became friends and a ready treasure trove of historical Roman facts and myths, as it happens, they were doing a Roman project in history class seeing as she is from Italy. A most delightful, educative and enriching story, a book you would love buying for any child.

by Cherry-Ann London

When Mrs Oberto arrives at the nursing home where Hannah and her nurse and odd job man parents live it is the beginning of a whole new adventure for them both. Hannah, a friendly and curious schoolgirl, is inquisitive about the new lady and although things don't get off to the best of starts they soon work things out and a school project creates a close friendship. But the mystery of the chest that stays on Mrs Oberto's bedside is a constant draw to Hannah and when she is given the opportunity to see what's inside, then a whole new world is opened up to her.
A good read for middle school age boys and girls, especially if an elderly relative is spending time in a hospital or a nursing home, this first part of a series of stories shows them how special and rewarding a close relationship with an older person can be.

by Ruth Frampton

This was a fun book to read, it had a really good storyline and it was well written and definitely keeps you engaged - 4 stars from me and looking forward to more from this author!

by Donna Maguire

A wonderful story that turns an everyday life into a fun adventure. A mysterious old woman, a strange box, and an inquisitive girl. A great heroine that girls can look up to, and a story that makes everyday life seem a little magical.

by Liliyana Shadowlyn

Catherine Rosevear

Catherine Rosevear lives in Cambridgeshire with her husband, her two children and a Tibetan Terrier. She's always enjoyed reading children's books, especially the Paddington books by Michael Bond and books such as 'Five Children and It' by E. Nesbit. Having worked for many years in and around nursing homes, Catherine thought that a nursing home might make a good setting for a children's book. She also wanted to write a book that would not only involve some magic, but also allow her to bring in her interest in the ancient Romans!

Catherine Rosevear
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