Troubador The Nose That Nobody Picked

Released: 28/05/2016

ISBN: 9781785890062

eISBN: 9781789012651

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Nose That Nobody Picked

The Unlikely Trail of Little Big Nose


One day, Christopher, a keen but unorthodox gardener, finds a living nose raised by slugs in his garden. In their hunt to find Little Big Nose a face, they encounter Doctor Skinner, an eccentric plastic surgeon, who has connections with nose’s past and sinister intentions for his future. 

A surreal, snotty, rip-snorting yarn for all the family, The Nose That Nobody Picked is also thoughtful and poetic. A love of nature runs though the book and the story is peppered (not salted) with whimsical slug philosophy.

Ultimately The Nose That Nobody Picked is about belonging and family, as both Little Big Nose and Christopher ‘follow their trails’ back to their missing fathers. Hilarious and thought-provoking, it will appeal to 5-11 year olds.

The Bookseller Children's Buyers Guide

The Nose That Nobody Picked is a book about a ten year old boy named Christopher. Christopher is a keen, but unorthodox gardener who likes to make ornamental displays with gnomes and toys. One day, while he is out gardening, he hears a sneeze. When he goes to check, he finds a living, breathing nose! However, one day to his dismay, he finds that Little Big Nose has been kidnapped...and so the hunt begins!

I love this book because it's packed with humour and each chapter makes you want to read on to find out what happens next. I especially liked the part with the toy soldier swamp and the headless doll zombies. I also like how the nose loves cabbage and lettuce.

This book is very well written and a joy to read. It is suitable for ages 9+. Overall, just a brilliant book!

by Tom

Creative, humorous, and well-executed. It’s like Kafka meets Douglas Adams and I have to say I wish I had written it first. A most enjoyable book.

by Reading Lit

This book has an intriguing title and cover which drew me in. I agree with other reviewers, that it isn't particularly my idea of a pleasant read (with all the snot!) but it could be fun for school-aged children. Once you move past the snot and get into this story, you realize that, at it's core, it's about family connections which is a valuable story for any child to hear.

by Shannon Martin

The Nose that Nobody Picked by David Parkin is the perfect story for you if you love nonsense as I do. I am a nonsense book-addicted and when I find a nonsense book I try my best for buying it.
I felt immediately attracted by this book because of the plot, the topic, and I can tell you that I was right. The book is beautiful.

We all know that noses, if they are not part of a bodies, couldn't live, but once, Christopher a kid found one of them; and the little big nose was alive. Christopher, a curious kid couldn't believe at his luck: a real living nose: what a precious creature that one. He immediately brought the nose at home, hiding and feeding his new friend with great love and passion. But...what a nose eats? Christopher discovers
veggies habits, water-lover; the little big nose will start to tell him his poor existence where no one
wanted him although he was adopted at some point...Plenty of curiosity, when Christopher discovers in a newsmagazine the existence of a doctor in grade to modify the body of people, in grade to change
them, in grade to fix problems, he thinks that maybe he can also be helpful with this friends, but...What a big error was that one. Doctor Skinner in fact was a man plenty of problems,in particular with his dad and a crazy man. The little big nose will risk a lot being after all one of his creations, but the happy ending thanks to the help of Chris and more friends will save him, with some surprises as well.

Written brilliantly, I suggest this to everyone, to children and teenagers in particular; you will find it hilarious, tender, nice: there are also moral messages: to be helpful, to stay close in times of difficulties sorting out problems together; there is also another important message, the one of friendship in grade of not abandoning in times of difficulty or peril. This book is a story of solidarity, help, new life.
Starting with a problem-solving story.

by Anna Maria Polidori

David Parkin has written a very sad, amazing and thought provoking story that I am sure parents would like to read to their children. I as a parent would have loved to read this my children when they were younger. The story of an abandoned nose that has had to fight for his survival and a young boy who has a love of nature and is the nose's saviour has the type of adventure that would appeal to children who are amused by slugs and snot. There is a villain of course and lots adventure for both the buoyant nose to experience but in the end a very enjoyable story.

by Patricia Liebe

This was a very cute book. It's about a nose who's mom and dad were slugs and were killed by salt. Great story, even better ending. I highly recommend.

by Lindsay Fernsler

What a very original story and scenario this fun story proved to be. Imagine going out to garden but amongst the plants you discover a nose! Not just any nose, either, as this nose moves and talks! Well, I did tell this is a different story as that’s exactly how this adventure starts!

With laugh out loud moments as well as suspense this is a brilliant read for middle grade readers and one they’ll probably be enthralled by. There’s the mystery of the nose’s origins, a mad,bad scientist and a brother and sister to the rescue in the story which I highly recommend for children who enjoy reading fantasy adventure books with chapters - and as a great book for teachers and parents to check out, too!

by Elaine Brent

My children loved me reading this book for them both. They just loved it and gave it a huge thumbs up.

by Lisa

This is a masterpiece of book writing. It will appeal to parents who have to read bedtime stories to younger children and will be equally enjoyed by 10-13 year olds reading it on their own. I really enjoyed reading it. I'm going to buy other copies for my grandchildren.

The Nose that Nobody Picked is an uncontrived adventure story blend of the humour and best imaginative style of Roald Dahl with Pinocchio and Frankenstein, with a touch of gothic pathos of hi-tech Edward Scissor hands meets The Munsters thrown in for good measure, along with a little "believable" magic and some rather odd October weather. Moreover, of course, there is a lovely thoughtful moral tale at its heart.

"The Nose" is an excellent children's book that deserves to be a best seller and the book of the film.

No review would be complete and objective if you did not "pick" a few holes in the product. My only gripe is that whoever did the illustrations seemed to get their brief wrong on one. But there are no spoilers here. You will have to buy and read the book to find the odd one out in that regard. Or buy it for your kids.

by Mike Sutton

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