Troubador The Most Beautiful Thing in the World

Released: 28/08/2019

ISBN: 9781838591366

Format: Paperback

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The Most Beautiful Thing in the World

and Other Poems


In a hilarious collection of poems, Micheal D Winterburn takes children on fascinating adventures of the imagination. 

Accompany a long-suffering pound coin as it is thrust from one experience to another. Fly off into space to encounter a ravenous black hole monster. See what great grandma gets up to on her flashy double-decker mobility scooter. Travel with the perplexed nobleman Arvid as he urgently searches for the most beautiful thing in the world. Discover the fate of Bubblegum Billy who can’t stop blowing bubbles. Join the hunt for the fabled slithery slogbort. And many, many more adventures! 

Children will find fantasy and mystery, dialogues and limericks, historical and narrative poems, spoonerisms and moral issues, humour and nonsense, deeper life experiences and school matters. All complete with wonderfully fun illustrations!

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