Troubador The Little Traveller's Book of Poems

Released: 28/11/2015

ISBN: 9781784624828

Format: Paperback

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The Little Traveller's Book of Poems


The Little Traveller's Book of Poems is for children aged seven to eleven. It is packed with intriguing characters who find themselves thrown into all sorts of strange situations and weird adventures. This marvellous mix will take you on an exciting journey around the world, travelling from east to west and north to south, for each one of these fun poems is set in one of the world’s great cities. Some of the poems are simply for fun – for example, the one featuring two camels in Amman that prefer sparkling water to still. Some are adventures or stories in verse, such as the Emperor in old Peking who threw his wife in jail because he couldn’t stand her singing any longer, and some are vignettes of a time or a place. In this diverse collection of twenty-eight poems, including one feature-length story in verse, each gives a passing nod to the culture, custom, history or place in which they are set, with the aim of provoking the reader’s interest to find out more about their world.

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