Troubador The Little Blue Boat and the Secret of the Broads

Released: 20/03/2013

eISBN: 9781783069743

Format: eBook

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The Little Blue Boat and the Secret of the Broads


The Little Blue Boat and the Secret of the Broads takes readers on an exciting journey in a race against time, through one of Britain’s most magical waterways. A boat owner makes a final voyage from Essex to the Broads to give his small yacht to his grandchildren, but he’s taken ill and the boat is left adrift at sea with just a small bear on board. The bear and boat have to make their way through the Norfolk waterways to find the children before they’re seized by the authorities, or worse, stolen by the infamous Pincher Pete. 

Helped by the mysterious Marsh Man and numerous local birds and animals, the story unfolds and reveals the hidden secret of the Broads. This reassuring, life-affirming adventure offers the reader an understanding of our waterways, and some of the wildlife that lives on, above, beside and beneath our rivers and lakes. It will inspire children and parents to do their own exploring and also learn about water safety and our fragile environment. 

The book includes a map showing where the action takes place so that readers can visit many of the locations. The beautiful illustrations show some of the birds and animals that readers may see on a visit to the Broads and other British wetlands. The tale, which has echoes of Swallows and Amazons and The Wind in the Willows, will appeal to children aged 6-11 years who enjoy adventure stories. It is a book that parents, grandparents and teachers, who want children to enjoy and learn about the great outdoors and understand the environment, have been waiting for.

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