Troubador The Last Green Man

Released: 28/10/2016

ISBN: 9781785893414

Format: Paperback

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The Last Green Man


Fantasy and magical young adult tale, The Last Green Man, follows the story of the fourteen-year-old Martyn twins, Jenny and Jake. They are sent to live with their grandparents in a deserted and failing Wiltshire valley, where they must adapt to a very different lifestyle. As they explore their new surroundings, their unexpected arrival is noticed by a mysterious creature emerging from materials ‘borrowed’ from the nearby landscape. At first, this chaotic assemblage of twigs, leaves and mud is childlike. However, watching and waiting out of sight, the furtive ancient being develops as the twins realise they must face a bewildering sequence of lost secrets...The truth behind rediscovered local stories encourages the elusive creature to become ‘Seth’, a vagrant who has unsuccessfully appeared in the valley many times previously. Seth reveals himself to the twins as ‘The Last Green Man’, and despairs believing an evil local family will never be overthrown without human intervention. Will Jenny and Jake agree to help or should they stay well away from this creature? The Last Green Man will appeal to children, aged nine and above, who enjoy reading fantasy and magical fiction. It will also interest those who enjoy adventure stories.

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Ian Pillinger

Ian has worked as a writer and illustrator for 35 years. Initially he headed an Art and Design department in a large Wiltshire school. However, unable to find an all-embracing textbook, he developed two packs of 'Art and Design' cards for Pergamon Press. These sold in excess of 15,000 copies each.

Following the unexpected success of these titles, Ian became a part time journalist for Teachers' World magazine. A series of well-received articles resulted from this happy collaboration. During the same period, W.H. Smith approached Ian to write, illustrate and design two 'How to Make' books. Fun Things to Make and What Can I Make? also sold in vast numbers.

However it was the Baby Driver board books, published by Peter Haddock Ltd., that provided a breakthrough. These 'volume trade' books have, over a 20 year period, sold in excess of 11 million copies in 14 countries. Out of print titles are now collectable items. Beyond this a further 40 'volume trade' titles have also appeared.

Recently, however, Ian has turned his attention to young adult fiction, Stella and The Orbits and The Serpent Girdle are the first of several full-length books already completed.

Triiiple Vision, fully illustrated by Ian, followed in September 2012, whilst two further titles are at the planning and research stage.

Triiiple Vision has the endorsement of Sydney Jordan, creator, writer and illustrator of the iconic strip-art story Jeff Hawke and collaborator on Dan Dare.

Ian Pillinger, creator of the highly successful Baby Driver board books.

'Triiiple Vision'
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