Troubador The Kingdom of Dreams

Released: 01/06/2012

ISBN: 9781780881508

Format: Paperback

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The Kingdom of Dreams


‘Once upon a time there were two young children called Paul and Tess. Their homes were the only buildings of any kind for miles around and stood side by side, close to the edge of a pine-forest. They were the only two children in that place, and for all they knew, in the whole world.’ Two children, living on the edge of a pine forest a hundred miles from town, are the very best of friends, and the only children around. They play together every day: that is, until Paul falls sick and the two children are limited to daily meetings at his bedside. One night Paul is drawn to his bedroom window, where he hears a voice calling to him from the darkness below . . . and follows it. A surreal world takes over and the reader is taken deep into the impenetrable pine-forest with Paul and a guide he imagines to be an angel. Suddenly, an echo from reality — the world he is leaving behind — calls to him, when he realises that he has not said goodbye to Tess. But the world he is entering is just as time-dependent as the real one he is leaving, and there can be no going back. He has no choice but to allow the angel to hurry him away through the forest, under an enlarged full moon, along paths that take him far away from the world he was born into... The Kingdom of Dreams is an exquisite tale that breaches the border between reality and fantasy and has been inspired by a number of different books, including A?Christmas Carol and Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens, Women of Messina by Elio Vittorini and Two Years Before the?Mast by Richard Henry?Dana. It will appeal to children aged 7-12 years old that enjoy fantasy fiction and fairy tales.

I love how happy and sad this book makes me feel. I just can't stop reading it! I love the everlasting friendship in this book that just tugs at your heart.

by Lynzee

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