Troubador The Heroes of Elwhen

Released: 28/09/2016

ISBN: 9781785893520

Format: Paperback

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The Heroes of Elwhen

The Chronicles of Alva - Part One


John and Sally-Anne are city born and bred, but enjoy spending their summers on Uncle Ned’s farm. They believe they’ve already experienced thrills aplenty, but there is far more in store for them than they could ever have imagined. With their cousin Gerald, they make one last trip to the top of mysterious Barrow Hill and from there find themselves drawn into a place of enchantment and wonder – the mysterious land of Elwhen. After being captured by a witch named Belldonna, the youngsters become embroiled in a struggle that threatens the very fabric of their newly discovered world. Their overriding wish is to return home, but everything is thrown into turmoil when they are coerced into searching for a magical amulet – the Jewel of the Isle. The situation only worsens for the trio when they discover that the jewel already lies within the witch’s grasp, and is adorning the neck of a captive she is holding in her dungeon. Acting on a plan formulated by their wizardly friend, Mr Thurlan, the children agree to undertake a perilous return journey to the witch’s lair, but even the best laid plans go wrong... Comparable to the Edge Chronicles by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell, The Heroes of Elwhen is the first in a six book series that explores the world and characters of Alva. Written in a timeless style, the plots thicken and unfold as the tale progresses, drawing the reader through several twists and turns. The Heroes of Elwhen will appeal to children aged between 7 and 11 who enjoy fantasy tales like The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.

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G.H. Cawser


I am G. H. Cawser.

(I use G. H. cos I’m not too keen on the name Graham.)

I started dribbling and scroodling at an early age.

I initially drew inspiration from the area I was brought up in - (a weird part of Staffordshire) - and from the strange folk who inhabited that enchanted land. They subliminally brainwashed me with their outlandish stories and old wives tales…

It soon became apparent that I suffered from an artistic imagination, yet this was somewhat curtailed by the process of ‘growing up’ and the curse of ‘working for a living’…

Not until I reached the age of uselessness did the dribbling return, and then the imprisoned phantoms and fantasies were finally allowed to escape through the space between my ears...

I make no excuse for letting them loose…

They are seeking a golden place…

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