Troubador The Hairy Faerie

Released: 28/11/2015

ISBN: 9781785890161

Format: Paperback

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The Hairy Faerie


What if you woke up one morning as hairy as a Yak? Worse, what if, when you tried to cut the hair off, it grew back even thicker? Worst of all, what if you couldn't get rid of the hair without magic - and you didn't know any spells? Waking up hairy is bad enough for hurnans, but Mary Moffett is a faerie and if anyone sees her like this she'll be banished from the faerie kingdom forever. Unfortunately, the queen of the faeries is expecting Mary to deliver one of her famous mushroom and nettle crumbles. But Mary is so hairy she can barely see, let alone bake, and General Sleed of the Queen's Brigade is on his way to arrest her with a troop of fifty heavily-armed faerie warriors! Luckily for Mary, her best friend, Deetle McBeetle, arrives first - but time is running out. Deetle knows someone who can help but it will require a perilous journey. Can Mary and Deetle make it past the Hogsquashers and Nugginpluckers in Midnight Wood? If they do, can they find the old faerie wizard known as Pink? Even if they can, will there be time to solve the mystery of where all Mary's horrible hair came from and how to get rid of i before Mary is sent away from the kingdom forever? The Hairy Faerie is a story about how friendship and a bit of determination can create the kind of magic that will fix even the worst situations...

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Take a pinch of Dahl, a soupçon of Walliams, and a dash of Seuss; mix them all together and add a hefty dollop of original, humorous, and mildly perilous Sparkle and you have The Hairy Faerie. Children and parents alike will delight in the daft names and dafter situations that poor Mary Moffett is subjected to as she desperately tries to find a cure for the dreadfully hairy problem she has woken up with and which she needs to sort out before the Queen discovers her peculiar problem. There will be squeals of delight mixed in with ooohs and aaahs as you travel with Mary and her best friend Deetle across Faerie Kingdom to the famed wizard known as Pink in the hope of discovering if there is anyway this Hairy faerie can become less well, less hairy.
This is a book that cries out to be read aloud, in company and often.


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