Troubador The Gorags of Sussex

Released: 16/07/2014

eISBN: 9781784627300

Format: eBook

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The Gorags of Sussex

The Ragnarock Chronicles


Ragnarock is a young Nature-god sent from the eternal kingdom of Summerland to free a race of wolf hybrids, known as Gorags, from a terrible curse. In the guise of an innocent Gorag cub, Ragnarock is adopted by the wise she-Gorag Osmunda and settles in Cuckdown Wood in Sussex.

From there he begins an extraordinary journey of self-discovery that eventually leads him into the eerie Forest of Shana, where he must find the Gorags’ enemy, the Black Dog, and eliminate the curse.

But Ragnarock's quest is not that simple. For he uncovers a dark secret hidden beneath the forest, which casts a sinister shadow over the future of Goragkind.

Will Ragnarock succeed in breaking the curse? Or will the Black Dog continue his reign of evil over the Gorags of Sussex?

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