Troubador The Golden Falcon

Released: 01/04/2012

ISBN: 9781780881195

Format: Paperback

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The Golden Falcon


This is a story of medieval magic, mystery and adventure. Finding that the level of water in the river is falling, the king’s son Yan travels to the mountains to explore the source of the river. He succeeds in avoiding several traps along the way but eventually succumbs to the magic of the witch queen Grimhelda. When Yan fails to return, the king organises a search party. The members of this party are the king himself, his cook, his secretary and astrologer, two knights and the prince’s younger brother and sister.?The exploits of the rescue party in the mountains are at times hilarious, but there is also a strong mythological ‘bite’ to the story, which draws on aspects of Greek and Indian legends. As the tale develops, Yan’s younger brother and sister have an increasingly important part to play, but in the final unravelling of the plot every member of the royal party is directly or indirectly involved. An exciting story with some very engaging characters, The Golden?Falcon will appeal to children interested in adventure stories from 8-12 years old.

Morag Owen is more than competent as a writer. Fantasy is a genre which can sometimes be overdone, so it is rare to find a book written with such wit and such a light touch as this. I think she has succeeded in producing a very well thought-out and balanced story, with some excellent characters and just the right amount of credible fantasy that is well controlled. There are some lovely images and settings.

by Elizabeth Attenborough

It was really really good and perfect for the age group. I genuinely enjoyed the story and the characters and was left wanting more - a sign of a good story.

by Katrina Fletcher

Imagine the essence of The Wizard of Oz, The Sleeping Beauty, Angels & Demons, The Mahabharata, The Famous Five, and Jason and the Argonauts distilled into one enchanting tale of sorcery and adventure. The result is a little masterpiece that, as the dedication suggests, should be enjoyed by "children of courage and imagination, everywhere".
This is an enthralling literary fantasy that is narrated in a very lively and exciting style, largely through the dialogues of its colourful characters. Even when the hero prince is travelling alone, this mode is ingeniously maintained by magically endowing his horse with the gift of speech!
The spirited verbal exchanges are interspersed with lucid pastoral images that are vivid enough to remain in the memories of some young readers well into adulthood. And they may never again witness a Sea King rescue without recalling the valiant efforts of a magnificent eagle from the northern kingdom of the Mountains!
This wonderful little book deserves to become a children's classic. Highly recommended!

by Bruce Taylor

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