Troubador The Curse of Crow

Released: 01/06/2013

ISBN: 9781780885568

Format: Paperback

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The Curse of Crow



Unbeknown to Matthew, from high upon the chimney stack, someone was watching. He was waiting for the right moment to reveal himself, to once again restart Matthew’s living nightmare. Teasingly and with a great deal of intimidation, he let out a gentle but familiar caw...

In the second book of the five-part series ‘Darkmoor’, Clever Crow is back and he’s more revengeful than ever before! His curse is destroying Matthew’s life, keeping Catherine captive and causing Camp Forgotten to fall apart.

One year has passed since Matthew was rescued by the dove and returned to Filius. He’s determined to move on and forget about Darkmoor, but the school bully, aka Cameron Thomas, has other ideas. Elsewhere, Darkmoor is plotting his revenge with the help of his son, Logan. No one is safe, no one is freed, and this time, someone will pay.

Join Clever Crow has he takes flight. Find out what happened next and meet the new characters whose lives will change forever.

The only question is... Can you escape the curse of the crow?

Darkmoor: The Curse of Crow is the second book in the five part series, aimed for children aged 8 years upwards. It is exciting, captivating and pure fantasy. With characters old and new, the second instalment of Darkmoor will have readers guessing right to the end. Readers will be desperate to read more.


Very pleased to announce that Darkmoor has been optioned for film rights! I will be co-producing the movie alongside Mr Eiran Lenton (Producer and Director)


Victoria's book Darkmoor: The Darkness Discovered was the best selling book of the day at her local WhSmith's branch in Accrington, Lancashire, selling a total of 26 copies.

Writers' News

Dear Victoria,

I thought the book was amazing and I even enjoyed it more than the first one! The characters were described so well that it was as if I watching a film of it in my mind.
The story was sooo exciting, I felt like I could never put it down. Catherine is my favourite character because she is very adventurous.
The last page was my favourite and I had butterflies in my tummy!
I would recommend this book to my friends and would give it 5 out of 5.

by Phoebe Williams Aged 9

This second book of the series was eagerly awaited by my 2 daughters aged 9 and 10 years.They loved it and the surprise ending had them shouting "No!" because now they have to wait for the next book to find out what happens and it isn't even out yet! Highly recommended.

by Helen S Gurr

"The first Darkmoor book was awesome, but this one was epic! Three cheers for the amazing Victoria Barry!!!!!! Hip hooray!"

by David Wilkinson

"I gave this book a 5 because the author's way of writing is very intriguing and it starts of we're the other book(Darkmoor) and it has an amazing ending. I loved this book because it is different to any other book I have every read bearing in mind I have read a lot."

by Kindle

Victoria Barry

I was born in Darwen, Lancashire and was raised in Hoddlesden with my two older brothers. Whilst at primary school I started writing different short stories, mainly fantasy and adventure. I was appointed as the school magazine editor and started a writing club. Going to high school I continued to write stories and throughly enjoyed English. My English teacher encouraged me to follow my ambition of becoming a children's author.

Now somewhat years later, I have finally acheived my dreams and continue to do so. Now I daily visit primary schools, high school and writing clubs.

The Darkmoor Series as also been optioned for watch this space!

For daily updates, please follow me @VixBarry

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