Troubador The Collar of Honour

Released: 28/11/2021

ISBN: 9781800465350

eISBN: 9781800467033

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Collar of Honour


If you head towards our sun (preferably at night) and remember to turn left, you will find a pocket universe where evolution took a different turn. When the only sun cooled, it went too far and no creature on the universe’s sole planet without fur, wings, or, scales could possibly survive. So, without humans to mess things up, the planet Venary threw up diverse animal life, and never developed an obsession with a chain of identical coffee shops or flashing rectangles. In the beginning the animals lived apart, fighting and carving out their own territories. This was until a bold Rodentian named Perix seized control of his people, uniting Venary under his banner and making himself the first King.

100 spans later and Rodentian King Hirax has a problem - in fact, the King has many problems. The war between the Girexians and Pacidermians goes on without end, there’s been an uprising amongst the crows, and Royal Butler Brabbinger is insisting that he wear the boots he hates

In a world at war, where animals evolved without human interference, anything can happen! Not the right time for the mythical Collar of Honour to return.

Who will get their paws on it first? And what happens if it falls into the wrong ones?

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P.W.  Jacob

Teacher by day, caped crime fighter by night! Beware the 'Scarlett Shadow'.

The Collar of Honour is my very first novel. It has gone from a children's book about 'Mr Socks the greedy cat' to a 110,000 word sword and sorcery epic.

Hope you like it.

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