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Released: 28/03/2022

ISBN: 9781803130927

eISBN: 9781803139210

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Children of Pisces

The Two Pendants


At that moment, the seeker hurtled towards them at great speed.

‘Run!’ Mikie shouted.

It’s 2070 and our post-apocalyptic world is different. Aliens secretly invaded with a lethal biological weapon. A terrifying virus annihilated almost every living creature in its path. People still believe it was a natural virus, oblivious to aliens and the truth. Humanity’s survival is in the hands of the alliance, a team of humans and aliens who stand against the evil arch-enemy alien leader. Orphaned children are raised in army-style schools. But from this barren wasteland, a few shall rise…

Tammy and Mikie are half-human and half-alien siblings, with immense metaphysical powers and a crystal weapon. Their powers are extraordinary alone, but together they are unstoppable. At twelve, these two are already too powerful to ignore. Can Mikie overcome his inner conflict? Will his compulsion to protect put those closest to him in even more danger? Can Tammy rise above her animal instincts and maintain her humanity? This adventure will take them across the world and maybe into the stars beyond. They must reunite their family and decide where their loyalties lie. The seekers are coming…

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All Books Great and Small

Kinkajous Read Too

Henley Standard

The story is creative and had good pacing because it kept me interested. I loved Mikie because he always put people first even if he shouldn’t. I thought Tammy was weak at first, because she had a horrible life at the orphanage, but the animals made her cooler when she was at the island. I love how she gets more fierce as the story unravels. Olivia

by Olivia Winterbottom

A roller coaster adventure. No time to potter. No padding, just solid on the go storytelling. From orphanage to island reserve. Tammy bonds with all animals, large, small, predictor and prey without any of them showing fear or aggression, this is her strength. Mikie, even as a child could read and control people's minds. For his protection he is home schooled but while out and about he couldn't help himself offen intervening into others thoughts trying to help.
Together through destiny they are a force to be recond with and as the reader you are transported into their world where your imagination grows and races to keep up the pace.
I can't wait for the next book.

by Morwenna Writtle

It has an exciting storyline, good build up, and I really liked Jax because he didn’t have powers but was smart and added a nice balance to the story. The adventure takes them to Japan and Kenya which I loved and made it more interesting to read and wanting to know what happened next.

by Thomas Winterbottom

I bought this for my daughter who is loving reading it. She had to wait for me to finish it first. A brilliant exciting read recommend for all.

by Caroline and Connie

I am a 12 year old child who reads lots.

I really loved this book, it was jam packed with exciting adventure and was impossible to put down until I had finished it.
My favourite part of the book was probably whilst Tammy was discovering her gift with animals.
The general idea for the story is incredible, I haven't read anything like it before.

by Towers

Absolutely loved this book! It's a must read for any young adult or any adult that loves escaping into a fantasy book. The storyline had me hooked and I can't wait for book 2.

by Charlotte Gough

The Children of Pisces is a futuristic masterpiece, with well-crafted characters and an engaging plot line. It was suspenseful and had excellent pacing, which kept me on my toes throughout the whole book. Each chapter was exciting and new, not spoon-feeding you the story, but letting you guess and theorise what will happen next. I felt more and more connected to Tammy & Mikie as their adventure progressed, and I can’t wait for the sequel. I would give this book more stars if I could, but five is the limit!

by A Lamb

“Immersive read.”
The Children Of Pisces is a book that caught my attention with the cover alone. The blurb then truly drew me in. I haven't come across R E Lewin before so, wasn't even sure if this book would really be for me. I just know that I am a reader who only needs a great story and I can fall in love with any book easily.

A book that's aimed at 10 to 14 years old children, The Children of Pisces is a story that blends genres together. It is speculative story set in a dystopian world that has dashes of sci-fi throughout. Such a wondrous tale that I can see Children really becoming immersed in the stories of Tammy and Mikie, our two young main characters.

The plot slowly builds as the story unfolds and we follow both children in their adventures. Mikie is a boy who can read minds and also has the power to control them. Tammy has the power to connect and communicate with animals. This alone means animals trust her and will a fully follow her around. An adopted child, her new parents are more than amazed as they see it happening on their safari park.

These two characters are separate but their story arcs run alongside each other as they move on a path closer and closer to each other. Tammy and Mikie share something,it's not physical and neither of them are just a run of the mill child. They are more than that and have possibilities to be weapons or assets. They each have a path to chose but which will it be?

This is not just a simple adventure book. This is heartwarming, interesting and its one that brings humanity into question. The humanity in Tammy and Mikie, will that be the saving of them, or will their instincts overpower the humanity they have inside?

The world building immersed me to the point that I didn't want to leave these kids. I can really see a child adoring this world that transcends normal life. It is a book that can open their minds to things they wouldn't normally think off.

From the start this is a well written, dramatic and well paces book that held me there until I had read the last page! I am looking forward to the next book and wondering what it will bring.

by Sharon Rimmelzwaan

What’s it all about? A terrifying virus (not COVID 19) has been released onto Planet Earth in the future and wiped out vast swathes of the population of humans and animals. A few lucky animals survived thanks to the work of a few concerned people. One of which is an island zoo. Into this world come two children, Tammy and Mikie. They are both unusual and special with powers closely linked to magic crystals. Both are realising that having these powers might be fun and exciting to begin with, but come with great responsibility. They are surrounded by people who love them and want to care for them, but they want to expand and try out their powers without seeing the great risks they could be taking. Will they find out more about their family and their origins? Will they be able to help humans save the planet?

Why should I read it? A story which vaguely links to the pandemic, might not seem like the most relaxing read, but there is much more to this than that. The story arc slowly builds all the way through as you get to know the two children – Tammy and Mikie and follow their adventures. Mikie’s life seems harder to connect with, he’s almost like a trainee superhero. However, I really enjoyed finding out more about Tammy and her special ill of connecting with animals – she is able to communicate with all animals (apart from crocodiles) and they therefore trust her and follow her around, much to the amazement of her adoptive parents on their safari park. The love shown between the nuclear family is wonderful to read about and must relate to some readers out there. Sometimes, I found the speech a little clunky, but the description is lovely and I could really picture where the events were taking place and how each character was feeling. The start of the story is brilliant and really grabs you right from the get-go: it’s pacy, dramatic and startling! If you like books that set in the normal world, but with a slight twist (like Phillip Pullman’s Northern Lights trilogy), then this is the story for you. And there are more on the way! Thank you to @RandomTTours for the copy of the book and I hope the rest of the tour goes well!
Review Kinkajousreadtoo @jamie61116

by Kinkajoursreadtoo Jamie

So, here we have a future where the world (possibly ours, possibly our world one step sideways) where Earth has been ravaged by a virus (COVID? Possibly, you decide) and very few remain. This virus was part of an alien invasion and now it is time for humans to fight back with some super powered children.

Ok, that may be over-simplified but you get the idea. What this book covers well, in my opinion, is change. Specifically, how children change as they are growing up, the way they think and act (the age range for this book is 10-14yrs) and Lewin does this well. I liked the way different children had different abilities and how they could work together with these.

Most of all though I liked the fact that here is a very good story in a well realised future. I am certainly looking forward to more from R E Lewin.
Review E Bookwyrm's blog cave @andyangel44

by Andy Angel44

Book Review……The Children of Pisces by R E Lewin
This was a creative and interesting read! I really enjoyed the characters. Mikie is extremely kind and the mind reading was great. Tammy’s character is the one that was quite interesting especially with the animals being able to bond with them. The pace is pretty fast. The adventure begins and is nonstop for the whole book. And most if all it’s unique. Definitely a great read for the young readers in our lives!
Thank you Random Things Tours and R E Lewin for sharing this lovely adventure with me!
Review The page ladies @jaclcomik33

by The page ladies @jaclcomik33

When I sat down and read this I couldn't put it down. Really loved it! I can't wait for Book 2.

by Annabel (aged 14)

The Children of Pisces is an action packed YA book about siblings Mikie and Tammy. Growing up in an orphanage the siblings haven’t had it easy. Mikie can read and control the minds and thinking of others and as a result ends up being home-schooled to keep him safe and avoid him meddling with others minds. Tammy has never had it easy and lives a troubled and unhappy life at the orphanage. I loved seeing her character development throughout this book and how much she grew into a force to be reckoned with! Her relationship with animals is amazing and I loved her bond with them.
The book travels around a bit which was fun and interesting. The author has done a fantastic job of setting out the backbone for a new fantasy adventure series for YA and I’m really excited to see where the next book will take us!

by All Books Great and Small

Going into the story the readers is given part of an origin story, which becomes important over a decade later. The characters move parallel in time, but at all times on a path towards each other.

Tammy, who has caught the interest of a couple after many years of waiting to be adopted, has an affinity for animals. It is more than just liking them – they see her and she sees them. A collective communication appears to take place, one that others aren’t privy to.

Then there is Mikie, a young boy who can read minds and control them. The two of them have something in common, something elemental that is full of possibilities. They are an enhanced version of those around them, which means they are valuable assets or they are a dangerous weapon, depending on the path they choose?

It’s an ambitious series with plenty of potential – a crossover and melding of genres. A futuristic, speculative tale, a dystopian world with elements of sci-fi. The author has drawn a tentative thread of humanity throughout, and only time will tell if they will be able to sustain it in themselves, each other – or whether it will be submerged by natural instincts.

I like the fact it is story that is suitable for younger readers too. What a way to experience creativity and expand horizons, and a multi-genre world. It will be interesting to see where the next part in the series takes the Children of Pisces.

by Cheryl M M's Book Blog

I don't do sci-fi but this was awesome!
This is like the shadow sky trilogy because Tammy and Agatha speak to animals. I normally prefer fantasy and have never read a sci-fi before but really loved this and read it in 2 days! I couldn't put it down.
The story is creative and had good pacing because it kept me interested. I loved Mikie because he always put people first even if he shouldn’t. I thought Tammy was weak at first, because she had a horrible life at the orphanage, but the animals made her cooler when she was at the island. I love how she gets more fierce as the story unravels. Olivia

by Olivia Winterbottom

I reviewed this book with students aged 12-15.

The front cover was well received and the students felt it was attractive and eye catching.

The students unanimously felt that the book was intriguing from the outset. The students all immediately started asking questions and wanting to know what what was going to happen next. They were quickly engaged with the story.

One pupil has stated that they wouldn’t normally choose this genre of book however was surprised by how engrossed they became in the story.

Tammy was the favourite character. They emphasised with her orphanage upbringing and liked the way she dealt with things and the way she interacted with other characters. Each pupil felt she was relatable.

The students felt the author had respect and understanding for the intended reader.

They felt overall that the book was an easy read with a good level of detail especially for their age group. One student who admitted they hadn’t read a fiction book in a long time said, ‘the book has a good level of description, it kept me interested but didn’t overwhelm me.’

They ALL said they would recommend the book.

by M_Ali

R R  Winterbottom

About the author:

Rachael studied Computer Science and worked in IT creating and reviewing technical documentation, training and project documents for many years. The science fiction geek in her never left and secretly, whenever time allowed, she wrote many books in the series of The Children of Pisces. All 5 books then sat quietly on her hard drive for 10 years until the Covid pandemic. Then, her twin son and daughter, aged 11 at the time, discovered them and fell in love with the series. They breathed new life in to the characters as they helped tweak and perfect the books. Now they are coming out from the shadows to thrill and excite other young readers and ignite your passion and imagination.

"It has an exciting storyline, good build up, and I really liked Jax because he didn't have powers but was smart and added a nice balance to the story. The adventure takes them to Japan and Kenya which I loved and made it more interesting to read and wanting to know what happened next." Thomas

"The story is creative and had good pacing because it kept me interested. I loved Mikie because he always put people first even if he shouldn't. I thought Tammy was weak at first, because she had a horrible life at the orphanage, but the animals made her cooler when she was at the island. I love how she gets more fierce as the story unravels." Olivia

R E Lewin
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