Troubador The Children of Pisces

Released: 28/03/2022

ISBN: 9781803130927

Format: Paperback

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The Children of Pisces

The Two Pendants


It's a different world. Aliens invaded Earth, their planet dying from pollution, and only the actions and alliance with the archenemy of the alien leader enabled a few humans and animals to survive. Children are now a rare species, orphaned and raised in army-style schools and animals are on the brink of extinction. But from this barren wasteland, a few shall rise...

Tammy and Mikie are half-human, half-alien and part of a powerful quadruplet that are born with immense metaphysical powers. Not that they all know that. Their mother left all four scattered, with only a letter and a crystal-powered gift to guide them, their father promising to return for them when they reach thirteen - combat age. But at twelve, these two are already too powerful to ignore.

Tammy was raised in an orphan camp, under the thumb of a bitter woman who rules with an iron fist. Yet with the animals she so dotes on, she finds the key to the lock to her gifts. Mikie, a strong telepath, can control people's minds and is a martial arts expert like his uncle who he lives with. Forced to live a lonely homeschooled life to avoid detection, he often gets into trouble and battles the responsibility of his powers, wanting only revenge on those that split apart his family.

When Tammy is adopted into a new kind of safari park, the scales shift and her true abilities surface fully, including being able to manipulate energy, nature and animals. Their powers are incredible alone; together, unstoppable. It's up to these two to find each other and find their other siblings if they ever want to restore peace and make their family whole again. This adventure will take them across the world and maybe into the stars beyond.

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