Troubador The Children of Pisces

Released: 28/03/2022

ISBN: 9781803132297

Format: Hardback

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The Children of Pisces

The Two Pendants


It’s 2070 and our post-apocalyptic world is different. Aliens secretly invaded with a lethal biological weapon: a terrifying virus that annihilated almost every living creature in its path. People still believe it was a natural virus, oblivious to aliens and the truth. Humanity’s survival is in the hands of the alliance, a team of humans and aliens who stand against the evil arch-enemy alien leader. Orphaned children are raised in army-style schools. But from this barren wasteland, a few shall rise…

Tammy and Mikie are half-human and half-alien siblings, with immense metaphysical powers and a crystal weapon. Their powers are extraordinary alone, but together they are unstoppable. Their father promises to return for them when they reach thirteen – combat age. But at twelve, these two are already too powerful to ignore.

Tammy has been raised in an orphan camp, under the thumb of a bitter woman who rules with an iron fist. Now she has been adopted and taken to a new kind of safari park. Here, the scales shift and the animals help her to unlock her gifts with animals and nature. Can Tammy rise above her animal instincts and maintain her humanity?

Mikie, a strong telepath, can control people’s minds and is a martial arts expert like his uncle. Forced to live a lonely, home-schooled life to avoid detection, he often gets into trouble and battles with the responsibility of his powers. Can Mikie overcome his inner conflict? Will his compulsion to protect put those closest to him in even more danger? 

This adventure will take them across the world and maybe into the stars beyond. They must reunite their family and decide where their loyalties lie. The seekers are coming…

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A gentle intro belies the fast pace and full on action that soon envelopes you as the adventures begin.
It's a roller coaster of excitement as the siblings descover not just their powers but each others existence and that there are more of them.
Coming together Tammy and Mike seem unstoppable. Tammy can feel and inturprate the way every animal she encounters is thinking and trying to communicate. This gives her the ability to engage with them to, help them and herself if the need should arise. Mike gets inside people's heads causing moral pridicaments for himself. Always a supporter of the underdog he can change people's minds with the intention of doing only for the good of it. This ability gets him in to so much trouble right from an early age but tutors and guided by his uncle Stephen he seems to semi have it under control.
Their beginnings are shrouded in mystery for good reason but evil is on the rise, hunting them down one by one as they come of age.
From start to finish this book had me turning pages unable to put it down. It's fast pace, close encounters and heroic deeds had me on the edge of my seat.
This no padding read was a joy to read.
I loved it.

by Morwenna writtle

A great read for all ages. The gentle beginning hides the true pace with which the adventure grabs you and hurls you into a world where our heroine has the ability to communicate with all animals known to man and engages with them in battles to help themselves and mankind. Our hero Mike is able to get inside people's minds and will them to do good even though it gets him in to a lot of trouble with his uncle Stephen.
Hidden for 13 years they have descoverd eachother and learned of two more siblings all of them seperated at birth.
Their Deed's apart were formidable but after meeting and bonding they aer almost unstoppable.
Lurking in the shadows are the seekers. Evil has planted it's spy's in order that it can capture the children.
This book is a thrill ride all the way through. It's all story and no filler, just action and mystery all the way. Wonderful.

by Karen Writtle

R R  Winterbottom

About the author:

Rachael studied Computer Science and worked in IT creating and reviewing technical documentation, training and project documents for many years. The science fiction geek in her never left and secretly, whenever time allowed, she wrote many books in the series of The Children of Pisces. All 5 books then sat quietly on her hard drive for 10 years until the Covid pandemic. Then, her twin son and daughter, aged 11 at the time, discovered them and fell in love with the series. They breathed new life in to the characters as they helped tweak and perfect the books. Now they are coming out from the shadows to thrill and excite other young readers and ignite your passion and imagination.

"It has an exciting storyline, good build up, and I really liked Jax because he didn't have powers but was smart and added a nice balance to the story. The adventure takes them to Japan and Kenya which I loved and made it more interesting to read and wanting to know what happened next." Thomas

"The story is creative and had good pacing because it kept me interested. I loved Mikie because he always put people first even if he shouldn't. I thought Tammy was weak at first, because she had a horrible life at the orphanage, but the animals made her cooler when she was at the island. I love how she gets more fierce as the story unravels." Olivia

R E Lewin
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