Troubador The Catchers in Pirates, Thieves, Zombies and Magic

Released: 28/03/2018

eISBN: 9781788034920

Format: eBook

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The Catchers in Pirates, Thieves, Zombies and Magic


The Catchers are back!


That’s right, you read that correctly. Colin, Trixie, Marty and Jamie return to chase magical creatures and stop dark forces once again! After their adventures with the dark wizard, you’d think they’d catch a break, if nothing else, but when rare magical pets start to go missing from all over Magicdom, the Catchers are sent to find them. The result? One rollicking, rip-roaring adventure!


Along the way, they reluctantly enlist the help of the worst wizard ever: Buccaneer Captain Rex Caterwhich, a wizard so awful, so impossible, so unbelievably useless he gave up wizarding to be a simple sailor. Can he change his ways or will he doom the Catchers to failure?


Together they take on pirates, thieves and zombies in their quest to find these poor creatures and bring them back home!


Jam-packed with fun and magic, The Catchers in Pirates, Thieves, Zombies and Magic will appeal to children aged 9 + - or anyone wishing to go on a magical quest!

The Catchers was the first book i published, and now the Catchers in Pirates, Thieves, Zombies and Magic is the magical follow up sequel.
On my Facebook page, TheCatchersTeathorpebranch: I have pictures of the characters, magical creatures and short tales from Trixie's diary and excerpts from the history of magic.

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Stuart  Kent

Stuart grew up against his will and has never fully recovered from the experience.

Since then he has travelled all over the British isles working as an outdoor instructor for many years and discovered his love for comedy and telling tall tales while entertaining groups of children.

Since publishing his first book the Catchers, he has now gone to write and self publish the follow up adventure the Catchers in Pirates, Thieves, Zombies and Magic.

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