Troubador The Boy Who Preferred To Be Somebody Else

Released: 28/01/2016

ISBN: 9781785890055

Format: Paperback

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The Boy Who Preferred To Be Somebody Else


It was clear from a very early age that Arry Trumper was not happy being Arry Trumper: he preferred to be somebody else, anybody else, other than Arry Trumper. Compelled to participate in a world of unpleasant parents, lunatic teachers and brutal Ofsted inspections, he judges the lot to be inadequate and in need of improvement. Improvement for Arry means the reinvention of the world in his own image: a world in which nothing is regular; a world in which inanity, cruelty and pretentiousness find the oblivion which has for far too long eluded it. The Boy Who Preferred to be Somebody Else is a book to amuse all wannabe subversives aged 13-16, as Arry becomes who he wants to become in his surreal fight against the authority of those who wish he had never existed... Southport has never looked so strange!

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I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Its fast pace and colourful characters enhance what is essentially a very simple storyline - a child is born and here are the selected highlights of his first eleven years. The twists and turns of Arry's antics during these formative years had me laughing out loud.

Able readers from the age of ten to fourteen will love Arry because he is successfully subversive and outsmarts the adults easily; they will also warm to his inventiveness and outrageous feats of daring. Older teenage and adult readers will chuckle, as I did, at the subtle references and satirical humour which pervade Arry's story from the moment of his conception to his last day at Privy Primary.

This book will not tax your brain but it will bring a smile to your face and maybe even change your perspective about parenting and education. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

by Julie Hill

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