Troubador The BOY Who IMAGINED...and Found He Could DRAW!

Released: 28/05/2018

ISBN: 9781789010275

Format: Paperback

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The BOY Who IMAGINED...and Found He Could DRAW!


The BOY Who IMAGINED ... And Found He Could DRAW! follows Vapi, a ten-year-old boy. Vapi is a misfit in school because he struggles in lessons and he is taunted by a bully. But this young boy has an exciting escape route when life becomes too unbearable: his imagination which takes him on all kinds of adventures. And when Vapi discovers that through his drawing he can help others, everything is about to change.  

Vapi is invited to take part in a television show to see if children can help elderly and disabled people discover or re-discover talents, such as drawing. After inadvertently bringing his bully’s grandfather with him, Vapi draws the winning picture and is awarded a prize of £200 and a scholarship to an innovative school. He will be helping those around him to discover their artistic talent. Vapi, the misfit, is suddenly in his element, with his newly discovered talent for helping others!

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Vapi, or Van Gogh Pablo Picasso Salvador Dali, is a 10 year old boy who has artist parents. They gave him this very rare, hideous name in hope of having a successful, artist son. But, he can't even draw. He struggles in all lessons, and said to have no Strong Point yet.
One day, his mother takes him out to draw and paint together, and that's where he first discovers his imagination. So, it becomes an escape for him from the normal life he's struggling in.
One day he gets invited to a TV show to help elderly and disabled people to discover their talents. After drawing the winning picture, he wins a scholarship to an innovative school to help others discover their talent.

I really liked this book, it was a heart warming story taking a 10 year old boy from a difficult position to someone who's useful to others in life, and also being content himself. I think he represents many girls and boys out there and I would suggest parents to buy this book to show the possibilities and surprises waiting around the corner for everyone. My only criticism for the book is the pictures could be more attractive, they looked a bit ordinary.

by Umut Rados

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