Troubador The Al-Eden Emergency

Released: 28/02/2019

ISBN: 9781789017434

Format: Paperback

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The Al-Eden Emergency


Introducing The Al-Eden Emergency, the cracking third instalment in S.P Moss’s series of retro-style adventures. Our hero Billy is on a school trip, visiting the British Museum, when once again, he slips back in time and joins his grandad for a good old-fashioned dose of derring-do and dastardly deeds. As in the previous books, The Al-Eden Emergency features classic aircraft and cars from the mid-20th century as well as some jolly good chaps and a couple of thoroughly bad eggs.

It’s 1966 and Billy’s RAF officer Grandpop is something hush-hush in the Ministry of Defence. All eyes are on the port of Al-Eden, a hothouse of rebel activity. As soon as Billy lands on its barren rocks, he’s thrust into a storm of intrigue. He discovers: a secret terrorist organisation led by the enigmatic “Scorpion”, Al-’Aqrab , a stolen astrolabe linked to a mysterious prophecy, an aircraft carrier sailing on shark-infested waters and a good friend who’s being held against his will – or is he? Meanwhile, an old enemy is closing in. Can Billy crack the puzzle before his cover is blown?

“Al-Eden” is a fictitious place, but is inspired by Aden, where the author lived as a small child in the 1960s. Fans of the previous books, as well as any 10 - 13 year old who enjoys breathtaking adventure will be thrilled by this tremendous tale!

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S. P. Moss

Flying and travel are in Susan Moss's blood as she visited four of the world's continents before starting school. She read avidly and wrote determinedly in between plotting to become a spy and building brother-proof camps.

She studied Psychology at Trinity College, Cambridge, taking part in some interesting experiments in parapsychology as well as playing trumpet in a Big Band.

A chance meeting in an Austrian ski hut resulted in more travel - this time to Germany, where she now lives in a small town outside Frankfurt with her husband and son.

She still makes use of her trumpet-playing, spying and camp-building skills in her busy life as an author, mother and freelance marketing consultant.

The Bother in Burmeon, her first published novel, won the Earlyworks Press international 'Novels for Children or Teens' competition, and the sprequel, Trouble in Teutonia, was short-listed for the International Rubery Award in 2015.

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