Troubador Terror at the Sweet Shop

Released: 28/10/2016

ISBN: 9781785899072

eISBN: 9781789011968

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Terror at the Sweet Shop


After the success of his first children’s book, Rolo, (Matador, 2016), Lawrence Prestidge is back with Terror at the Sweet Shop, an incredible story about a group of friends saving their beloved sweet shop from the hands of evil.

Oscar Tarrant and his close friends Emma, Reece and Ishy are regular customers to McNulty’s Candy Kingdom, the sweet shop next to their school. The shop is run by its jolly namesake, Mr McNulty. A cheerful soul, he is always happy and friendly to all the children that enter his shop, but one day he mysteriously disappears... 

The shop is soon taken over by the horrible Miss Primrose who starts to serve revolting treats to its customers. However, Oscar and his friends soon discover Miss Primrose’s evil intentions. Determined to find out what has happened to Mr McNulty and dispose of the evil Miss Primrose, they make a cunning plan. What surprises and secrets do they discover along the way? Well, you’ll have to read on to find out... 

The story features a whole host of colourful and entertaining characters, including the gang’s parents, teachers and others that help along the way. Terror at the Sweet Shop is a imaginative tale, reminiscent of stories by authors such Roald Dahl and David Walliams. Guaranteed to bring laughter, it will be enjoyed by children aged 5-10 – as well as any adults who might read it to them.

Female First

Amazing book! My daughter (9) loved it and couldn't put it down. It is so relatable to kids, has real life issues in it and is perfect for roald Dahl/ David Walliams fans.

by Kay Sanders

Terror at the Sweet Shop is a really enjoyable read, well-written, full of fun and hard to put down! Kids are going to love it, not only at Halloween but all year round- a great second book by Lawrence Prestidge.

by Ginty Woods

Terror in the Sweet Shop
The cover looks menacing. I dived in to take a peek
Setting the scene took me back to choosing sweets as a child and I had to think of my top 5!
We get to meet the characters a bunch of school friends. Charceture drawings in black and white with a grey scale water-colour wash gives life to the shop story. 4 friends 3 boys and a girl. We find out a bit about them and mostly they have Mr McNaulty's sweet shop in common. The shop owner is always a jovial chap. As we close chapter one we find out about the friends sweet buying habits. Shock in chapter 2 the shop is closed on a Monday! There was a commotion outside the shop, we find out Miss Primrose is now in charge, scary haggard witch like person. What's happened inside the shop it's very different. Poor Mike another boy at school has a terrible experience. As we move through the story we get to know a bit more about the friends and they all make a pact and a plan to save the sweet shop. We learn about the plan. Easily laid out for the reader. I like the way the story flows and is easy to read, it's fun and engaging a good use of words and links for the reader to develop their skills and easily follow the plot. I'm enjoying finding out more about the friends and who they have as family. Then the grand plan of REEKFEST 4000 did it work? Well yes it did but one poor boy got the blame now Oscar and his friends turn detective... you will have to buy this great book to find out what happens. A real joy to read!

by L.J Zaky

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