Troubador Tales of the Hood

Released: 04/06/2013

eISBN: 9781783068814

Format: eBook

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Tales of the Hood


Jayden lives in a corrupt society where people do the worst to get by. After the murder of his mother, him and his best friend Maurice experience a life of turmoil. Jayden wants to reform and support his family but has to contend with ongoing issues with an old rival, who is trying to ruin his life.

Can he handle the pressure of the hood? Or will he concede defeat?

Tales of the Hood is a fast-paced thriller touching upon common aspects of youth culture and features of contemporary society. Set in a fictional version of London which is built around lies and deceit, even a love for music and a drive for success cannot erase Jayden's troubled past.

'Tales of the Hood is a great book. It gives a brilliant insight into the lives on young people on the streets'
'I couldn't put it down. Gripping story line. Action in every chapter. Kept me on edge'

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T K  Williams-Nelson

Tannika K Williams-Nelson is a young London based author who's passion for writing has led to her e-book Tales of the Hood and her pending novel, Underclass 7. She discovered her talent in secondary school and has been writing ever since - including poetry & song writing.

Tales of the Hood is based on youth culture and gang violence in a fictional area of London. Jayden experiences various obstacles on his way to discovering his life path and identity in a corrupt, contemporary society.

Tannika is now studying Criminal Justice in university and hopes to write crime books in future.

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