Troubador Spydo Hackman and the Tanquair Cipher

Released: 28/03/2019

eISBN: 9781789019889

Format: eBook

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Spydo Hackman and the Tanquair Cipher


Can you crack the Tanquair cipher?

Fifteen-year-old Spydo Hackman, wrestling his conscience and a bad case of acne, hoped when they reached planet Arkle ‘the bully’ Brad Jeffries would back off. But as nothing changes, Spydo must find another way to deal with him.

The quest starts when Spydo pokes about in a flea market and trips over an ancient box. The back slides open to reveal a crested dagger and a strange metal square. But another item has gone – only the wrapping remains. Intrigued by the dagger’s crest he tries the library where, by chance he finds a book with explanatory diagrams suggesting there is a priceless Tanquair hoard hidden somewhere.

Spydo is not the only one in the race to work out the significance of the four pictures on the Tanquair shield. Sparchek, cruel and ruthless has been searching for clues for a long time. Bully boy decides to help Sparchek to spite Spydo.

This is a teenage tale of cunning and deduction: will Spydo overcome his fears and failings, crack the Tanquair cipher, win the ‘moola’ and the maiden and serve bully boy his dues?

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