Troubador Spectrum Shift

Released: 01/12/2013

ISBN: 9781783062041

Format: Paperback

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Spectrum Shift


‘What on earth are you staring at?’ Louisa asked interrogatively.
What she saw caused her mouth to drop open and both children stared intently at the sign above their heads. The London Underground sign, usually coloured bright blue and red, was now barely recognisable, its blue hues replaced by a bright yellow. The tiling on the walls had also mysteriously changed colour, the blue mosaic squares now showing in bright orange.
Evan closed his mouth and turned to face his friend. ‘What’s going on?’

Spectrum Shift is a fast-paced story that is packed full of puzzles and riddles. What has happened to Evan and Louisa? And why did everything change the moment they stepped through the doorway at the station?

With mysteries on every page, this science-fiction novel, aimed at 9-16 year olds, is set in a contemporary world where riddles going back over one hundred years play a part in helping the children get home. Journey underground with them and travel from city to city as the mystery unravels and the children begin to learn what has happened. Discover how Latin is linked with the mystery and help Evan and Louisa as they explore the ancient city of St. Albans.

The dialogue in Spectrum Shift is carefully targeted to the children’s market and the colourful style is suitable for all. The characters are equally as interesting as the plot, helping to ensure it remains action-packed throughout.Will Foxe solve the riddle, or will Veneficus provide the answer? Find out in Spectrum Shift, the new must-read science-fiction novel. It will be enjoyed especially by Doctor Who fans, which inspired this story. Bel also draws inspiration from Alex Scarrow, author of the ‘Time-Riders’ series.

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