Troubador Snake Ring at Risk & Other Stories

Released: 28/11/2016

ISBN: 9781785899577

Format: Paperback

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Snake Ring at Risk & Other Stories


Snake Ring at Risk & Other Stories is a heartwarming collection of fantasy short stories that will appeal to readers age 9 and above. Continuing on from John Holroyd’s previous book, The Strange Tale of the Snake Ring, this collection centres on the story Snake Ring at Risk which sees Thomas and Gerda’s most treasured possession, the magic snake ring, being the centre of a feud with Gruninax, a mighty wizard. After making a promise that the ring would never leave his family, Thomas is put under immense pressure when Gruninax goes to extreme lengths to secure ownership of the ring. Plagues of locusts and beetles are unleashed, livestock is killed and houses demolished. What happens will surprise you..! Other stories include Pie and the Witch, Like Nothing on Earth and Jack’s Revenge. Each story includes strong moral messages for children, whether it’s to think about the consequences of their actions or to not judge a book by its cover. The stories are focussed on younger children allowing a direct comparison between reader and character and will appeal to children aged 9 and over, as well as parents who enjoy reading with their children.


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I enjoyed this title, and think its target audience would also appreciate the stories. I would recommend it for my Bookstore's Book Club for Younger readers.

by Shirley O'Reagan (NetGalley)

Ha! I loved these little tales and I am sure kids will, too! Yes, the stories have morals, but they aren't in your face (unlike others I won't mention that are...) This are little gems I am thinking 3rd grade up will enjoy. John Holroyd has written some simply, clever stories that I think could really be enjoyed at any age! The young at heart will love them, too! Good job!

by Catherine Hankins (via NetGalley)

John Holroyd

John Holroyd is the author of The Strange Tale of the Snake Ring and Snake Ring at Risk & Other Stories.

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